You See, Michael Berry, These People are Your Friends

Michael Berry was trying to be all sensible and fair today — he says “fair enough” enough every day — but he sidestepped his good buddy’s complete nonsense last night — Rick Perry is who I am referring to.

Well, this nonsense has been brewing for a while.  These are the people who are Michael’s friends.   These are the people who think that the Constitution is everything and they are fighting for their FREEDOM — as Chris Baker is always stuck on.  Both of them are free to lie on a 50,000 watt scream machine, so I don’t know why they bellyache so much.

Doing pro bono work is part of being an attorney.  At times, some very good attorneys step up and do their best to protect individuals from the vigilantes in our midst.  Can Berry or Baker explain their brethren to me?  Why is there a problem with very good well-qualified attorneys working for the justice department?  Why the witch hunt?

Could it be that they see the writing on the wall?  With the embarrassment that was the Rick Perry election, do they know it’s actually now over and they are trying to take out as many people as they can?

Can anyone give me any insight into the crazy that is the conservative/republican/libertarian “movement”?


6 responses to “You See, Michael Berry, These People are Your Friends

  1. Valerie Plame all over again … AND we’ll never know who was in that room with Cheney carving up the goodies on the energy plan … why do Republicans hate their own country so much?

  2. And Michael Berry can’t or won’t understand why I will never have lunch with him.

  3. Ha ha ha. Only the right has crazies. Not the left. Gewd one! Wait, what? You actually believe that shit??!!

    • Did I say only the right has crazy people? No.

      Did I say that the people waving their made in China plastic Constitutions don’t have a clue what is in the document and that they are Michael Berry’s friends? Yes.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. John! loved your last album, man!

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