Mittens is on Letterman

talking about cars.

I know neither one of them will mention DAR.


4 responses to “Mittens is on Letterman

  1. And Sarah Palin was on Jay Leno (I heard her grating from the other room) … poor Mittens, is it that much of a compliment to be considered ‘normal’ in that insane asylum of a party he’s in?

    • You are right — scary but true. The Constitution party for FREEDOM is not very constitutional or about freedom.

      I watched a bit of Palin on Leno — she’s just saying the same thing — over and over. That might work for some, but meh.

      I also read somewhere that her “publisher” Harper Collins is going for a book about “virtues” from her. Perhaps old slug Bill Bennett will cry foul at that point. . . but you never know.

  2. Palin’s book of virtues? … I bet ‘finishing what you start’ won’t be near the top of the list!

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