Confirmed: Texas Republicans Want a King — or something

It looks like the smear job on Medina not only kept her down but pushed Perry to the nomination AGAIN.  All four of the talk radio stations were on Perry’s side, except for one little voice on for an hour and a half on Saturday afternoons.  The tea party people have to be disappointed, and a little more sober at this point.  They tried to go up against the Republican machine here, and this is what happens.

There’s more than just a little suspicion about what happened to Medina.  Pat Gray, Glenn Beck’s side kick, worked for all but one of the conservative talk radio stations before moving to Beck’s show.  Dan Patrick was at the Perry Rally when Sarah Palin  rallied for Perry.  And remember, Perry jumped on the tea party bandwagon from the beginning.  His acceptance speech was weird in that respect.  It had more national rhetoric and ambitions than local — or that’s the way it seemed to me.  He tried to tie his win in a Republican primary to the state general elections that Republican have won recently in other states.  That’s arrogant and that’s Perry.

To the 18th:  Jackson Lee looks to win.  I guess that means Michael Berry doesn’t have all that many democrats who listen to him.  I voted for Jarvis Johnson.  I find it typical that Berry focused on unseating Jackson Lee from the Democratic side instead of from the Republican side.  The Republicans couldn’t find a single minority in the 18th to run.

The Chronical is basically useless since it doesnt’ give raw numbers — only percentages.  I’ll take a look around to see what happened with the other races.


2 responses to “Confirmed: Texas Republicans Want a King — or something

  1. The little segment on the NewsHour was pretty irritating … all politics may be local but the guy Gwen talked to from UT was basically just saying how skillful Perry is at duping people (echoed as a useful warning by Bill White) … and Gwen pronounced Medina as MeDYna for crying out loud! It’s not that uncommon a name, is it?

    • Yeah, I haven’t read any MSM type get into the connections to Perry and the free pub he gets from local radio. And yeah, dupe away!

      He wasn’t snarky enough for Wonkette and yet not liberal enough to fit the stereotype.

      And Gwyn not knowing how to pronounce MEDINA was just flat out sloppy.

      I wonder why I bother to blog at times like this.

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