We Stand on Guard for Thee

I’ve got the Canadian National anthem as an earworm again.

In Chile, the death count is going up.  I will give monthly to the Red Cross and Yeli Haiti.

The Olympics are winding down.  The final ceremony is beautiful.  I can see why conservatives hate the whole idea.  I don’t remember, but they probably bellyached about the switch to have the winter and summer games alternate every two years.

Sochi in four years.  London in two.  I really enjoy the games.

We worked hard today and made great progress.  I didn’t document it, but I will try to do so from now on out.  I couldn’t have done it without Roberto.  Many thanks, my bestest of best friends.

Today was a very good day.


2 responses to “We Stand on Guard for Thee

  1. Damned at Random

    Tuesday was a very good day. My granddaughter was born (c-section). She is beautiful. My stepdaughter is doing great, though labor was brutal and the baby got stuck (her head was turned a little sideways and the whole left side of her head was bruised and swollen).

    My stepdaugher is in the Navy so she has Tricare (AKA socialized medicine). She had hyperemesis throughout the pregnancy and had to get IV fluids for dehydration multiple times – no charge. They had childbirth and baby care classes and a lactation counselor- no charge. Due to her ongoing dehydration problems, the Ob-Gyn decided to induce labor 1 week before her due date- the induction, c-section, and hospitalization all no charge. A couple days after the birth, the baby looked a little yellow, so they took her in to be checked- the yellow is from the blood in the bruise breaking down and is not severe enough for treatment- no charge. Today (Monday) we have well baby check and maternal check- also free.

    Of course our taxes are paying for all this, but if all women, had access to quality pre and post natal care, wouldn’t society as a whole benefit? And if the un/under-insured could have their children without incurring crushing debt, would some abortions be prevented? Or is that utopian thinking for the US (though not for the rest of the developed world)?

    • Hey, great news! I hope they are both doing ok. The daughter of a friend of my mom’s went through a terrifying delivery last night. From what she knows, everyone is doing better.

      All the best to you and your family.

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