I Remember

While today presented many challenges, I managed to listen to a bit of the health care debate online.

I remember when I was just out of high school and trying to both go to college and work.  I had no insurance.

I remember the 1988 presidential race.  My own father, along with the my mom and sister (who all had coverage) couldn’t quite get why I was worried about not having insurance.  (I didn’t until many years later.)

I remember when one of the planks of the Republican platform was no to quotas.  I was thinking about how that hadn’t come up in a whiel when there it was with one of Bill Bennett’s callers this morning.  Bennett ignored it, but yes, it’s still there.

I remember when my family turned Republican.  I remember when they found their home in that party.  We were standing in line to vote in 1980.   They all switched.  I didn’t.  I can’t quite understand why this person can’t understand what happened.  She switched herself.

I remember staying late and making a difference when Jessie Jackson ran in 1988.

I remember all of the shit that has been slung at Obama from day one.

I remember every little petty thing all of those radios hosts have slung at Obama — and all the while they are trying to make every buck they can. (ie Medved and Michael Reagen speaking for a fee — damn they are free on the radio — again in Houston.  At $75 a pop.   RUBES)

I remember the 2000’s.  War and more war.  This one does care.

Twelve were remembered on PBS tonight.  Kathleen has nothing to say.  Only paste.

I still have hope.


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