In Threes

I don’t really know how to count them.  The three kittens are doing better — at least the two inside — I haven’t seen SG&W kitten today.  I hope he’s not gone.

The DVR/receiver went on the blink, but I got it fixed tonight.  I’ve got a leaky pipe in the attic.  It will hopefully get fixed tomorrow.  I was thinking af what the third thing might be when I remembered that the doorknob got stuck last night.  I was able to fix that, too.

So maybe that was the three.  I sure hope so.


One response to “In Threes

  1. Ola! hope everything is going okay … your lunch ideas sounded really great … today is going to be a ‘lost’ day but not necessarily in a bad way … laundry, general recovery, all the ‘shy’ kittens out and about …
    did you see Tim Pawlenty? what a joke … I thought the analogy of the Republicans as Tiger Wood’s wife was bizarre and creepy beyond belief … it is as though they have some sort of social disorder where they will add some racist twist to each and every situation and simply cannot help themselves … and people who call them on it are ‘too sensitive’ …

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