My Babies are Pukie

I’ve got two sick kittens on my hands.  I took one of them, Cisco, into the vet today.  There’s nothing really to be done — their colds just have to run their course.  I’ve got an antibiotic to give the big guy — he’s very difficult to medicate.

Neither one of them seem hungry.  I even tried to microwave some wet food for them tonight, but that didn’t work.

Everything is raining down.  All at one time.

There’s nothing else to do but plug ahead.

I don’t know.  I’ve only felt like escaping — to my bed — with Cisco — and hold him and make sure he knows I want him to be ok.  I worry about my boy.

SG&WK is also affected.  At least he is hungry enough to eat.  I worry about him as well and hope that the other ferals won’t catch his cold. Just watching his body shiver with his convulsions makes me think he might not make it.  He could surprise me.  He has before.  I just want him to make it so I can see him eating a bit of catnip and sleep under the shade of a cucumber plant.

I just wish I could catch him and hold him.  I wish I could show him that I love him.

At least the pups are ok.


2 responses to “My Babies are Pukie

  1. Warm weather is on the way (eventually) and SG&WK will have his moment in the sun (and shade) … if the kittens know anything at all it’s that you love them … and in Cisco’s case, who else would put up with his bull-headedness (besides his sister, of course)

    • I just wish the big guy would let me touch him. He seems to need a good snuggle every once in a while. I was glad to see him sunning himself on the deck this afternoon.

      I was so worried about Cisco — worried that I had done something wrong.

      Everyone seems to be back on the mend.

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