Cal Thomas Frightens Small Child, Mother

While Cal Thomas was out shopping on President’s Day (like all good American Patriots), he chatted up a grade schooler and her mother.  You tell me, but if this guy

started talking to my child, I’d do something other than just be polite.

What am I talking about?  Cal Thomas spouts his “thoughts” around 7:22 every morning on KNTH.  This morning he related a story of standing in line at a store and talking to a little girl.  He supposedly asked her who the FIRST president of the United States was and the little girl replied, “OBAMA!”  According to Thomas, he scolded the girl and told her no, it was Washington.  The mother then confused Thomas — still according to him — by stating that, “you learn something every day.”

Thomas wasn’t sure if the mom meant herself or him or the child.   He then bashed “government” schools for good measure.

My first thought was that the little girl probably thought the old geezer asked her who the president was and then was confused by this dottering old man telling her that it was some guy named Washington.


3 responses to “Cal Thomas Frightens Small Child, Mother

  1. ha ha ha … great post … and very scary picture ….

  2. It’s like he has on some blue eye shadow or something.

    It’s his pic from his website so I didn’t shop it or anything.

  3. blue eye shadow … exactly … I didn’t want to say anything but it looks like he’s using the same make-up that is favored in morgues …

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