I listen to this network and have always wondered why their readers can’t pronounce the ‘s’ in “news.”

Mostly they are worried about Christians being persecuted, but this weekend they are worrying themselves over the post of ‘Ambassador for Religious Freedom’ not being filled.

I heard the report for that more than once.   Oh, and their talking types are up in arms about Prop 8 in Cali.  It seems that unless you are married, you can’t judge fairly on gay marriage rights.  Or put another way, if you are gay, you can’t be trusted.

I’ve been so busy — so many things have passed me by — next week won’t be much better, but I will try harder.

More posts next week.



5 responses to “SRN New

  1. Ha. Janet Parshall is such a freak.

    So are all the rest of those Salem witch hunters.

  2. I hope that someone gets to the bottom of those Baptists who tried to steal the kids from Haiti. They really shouldn’t be able to say sorry, my bad! and then get to go free to bother other people another day.

  3. Oh, and btw — they’ve now switched to some other equally crazy Janet on late night.

  4. Mefferd. Ah, fresh new crazy.

    (curious why the change though, hmm)

    Last i tuned in it was still Parshall – and she was clucking about how it was completely impossible for an atheist to tell right from wrong – as without God or faith the poor dears have no moral compass.

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