Sorry Denzel, Gary

but I just can’t buy the premise.

I was listening to some Janet person on the radio just before going to sleep and remembered a review I read of the movie, “The Book of Eli.”  The whole idea is that there is just one Bible left in this post apocalyptic story.

Janet the radio host was talking to someone who is working on translating the Bible into 1900 languages.  The Book has been published and translated and left in hotel and motel rooms for so long now that it is a bit of a stretch to think that all but one of them could have been destroyed.

Suspension of disbelief is one thing — delusion is quite another.  This movie was heavily advertised on the wingnut station I listen to.  I guess that makes sense in some way.

I love Denzel as an actor.  I don’t care about his personal life.  This is one of his movies I will skip.  Same goes for Gary.  Perhaps because I am in the middle of teaching “I Am Legend” and have recently seen “The Road,”  this little film strikes me as just that . . . little.

Hope you guys made some money for your effort.


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