Recharging for Saturday

It’s been a long and busy week.  We’ve had an outbreak of indoor incontinence, which I can’t figure out — it’s Tammy.  Perhaps it is something I should be alarmed about since she is positive for cancer.  I don’t know.

Tomorrow the plan is to finish the first bed and build the second bed.  After this, I’m out of ideas or plans.  I bought a pomegranate, but learned later that it was the worst breed of that fruit to choose.  I will just go with it.  But where to put it or the lemon tree I managed to save?

I’ll have the camera ready to go and will document each step.

Big Easy was on the news tonight.  I guess his success is a slap in the face to Chris Baker. (Baker was suspended recently for offending the Catholic church.  He’s a good Protestant.)

After struggling with the cameras provided at work to record speeches last Monday, I have decided to just take my own damn camera to work.  It’s what I advocated for.  No pity party, just sayin’.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day.


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