Business Models in the Era of “Too Big to Fail”

Perhaps the wingnuts have won the argument.  For quite some time, they have argued for health care, education, Social Security and other areas of public interest to follow a business model for success.

This sounds like good news, no?  The problem has always been that the business model has one problem:  businesses fail.  It is a fact.

Now that we have a category of businesses that are “too big to fail,” let’s go ahead with the wingnut option, shall we?  Let the free market reign, and everything will be ok.  Health care providers should be able to conglomerate in the state with the best prospects for their profits, and as weaker companies are swallowed up by stronger companies, everyone will still be able to compete in the market, right?

If you have an expensive to care for condition, you can take your chances with that start up company that promises to cover you . . . until it fails.  SORRY!

If you are a child in a school and your school fails, well that’s just the way business works.  Hopefully the Feds will step in and save your school, unless everyone is tired of your school being “too big to fail.”  Then it’s TSOL for you.

And yes, gamble your retirement on the Stock Market.  It’s probably safe, since it is too big to fail as well.  The world’s largest gambling racket could never be allowed to fail, right?

It’s all ok, really.  Health care, education, and Social Security would work well under a business model, and if any or all were threatened with failure, they would be too big.



3 responses to “Business Models in the Era of “Too Big to Fail”

  1. God, I’ve been hearing that argument for so long … it’s like Milton Friedman as Dracula … I guess the folks who idolize Ronald Reagan do the same revisionist (read: totally made-up) history when it comes to M. Thatcher and her disastrous privatize-everything approach to government … But I’m a broken record on this subject: show me a “businessman” in the private sector (big or small) and no matter how hard he works there is a government employee (yes! a bureaucrat!) who works just as hard if not harder … but just as a karmic balance I’ll say it here: nationalize the banks! make churches pay taxes! no more free ride! u!s!a! u!s!a! etc.

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