Bypassing Hannity

Today, the Republicans had the opportunity to air all of the theories and wingnuttery that fills the AM airways.  Americans who were paying attention got to hear almost every wacky criticism and complaint (except for Ayers and Rev. Wright) that the Republicans/Conservatives had to give.  (And I think that, if Hannity had the opportunity to interview the President, he would woos out as well.)

While my gut feeling is that this is rope-a-dope, I don’t doubt that President Obama has been working to make things better — for everyone.  I think there are people like me, whose jobs are pretty much recession-proof, but also people who have held on, who know that we are lucky.  But I also think that there are people who are grateful for the extra money in their paychecks, the extension of  COBRA, and the extension of unemployment benefits.

Perhaps there are also people who get — finally — that it’s more difficult than ever for good bills that will help people in general — to get passed.  I don’t know.


5 responses to “Bypassing Hannity


    Extraordinary Q+A session between Obama and GOP in Baltimore yesterday – most impressive. This should be a regular, perhaps quarterly ?, event. Cuts through so much of the BS.

  2. Damned at Random

    I found myself wishing during the Bush admin that we had something like the Brits where the Prime Minister fields questions from Parliament on a regular basis. Bush would have been a catastrophe. Obama can clearly handle it.

    I was looking for wingnut response, since he did it all WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER and Obama’s alleged inability to speak extemporaneously is a treasured right wing meme – but I haven’t seen much except the usual “oooh- he so arrogant.” I guess when something doesn’t match their script they just ignore it

  3. Yes, Bubba, that’s what I was referring to. thanks for adding the link, though — I forgot.

    D@R — I don’t think Bush would have ever considered what you suggest, much less with just Dems. And early on it wouldn’t have made any difference if he had with the Dems. And I don’t think we will ever get any satisfaction. Look at Iran-Contra or Watergate. Even with convictions, felons get to serve the next time Republicans are in power. Look at Central America and the death squad creator doesn’t just get ahead, he gets a primo job.

    People who were hoping for Yoo or Bybee or any of the off the record torturers to see just are only fooling themselves.

    Sure Bush would have done badly at something like this. No surprise.

    But the converse is not the same, but rather completely different. This was one situation (among many) where President Obama has shown that he can do things that 1) Bush had no skills at doing 2) so different as to be potential game changers. You can bet the Republicans won’t let cameras in any place that they have such an intimate encounter with the president again.

    However, we could hope that they are just stupid enough to believe Frank Luntz and think it elevated them to his level 🙂

  4. Oh, and they’ll never give up the TELEPROMPTER thing.

  5. I thought Pres. O was his usual self (that is, impressively in command of the facts, openly empathetic not only to the possibility of frustration on the part of the ‘loyal’ opposition, but to their possible cynicism as well, and therefore left every window and gate ajar so they could save face etc.) and, most of all, after 8 long years of hearing my precious mother-tongue drawn-and-quartered by the previous occupant of the White House, allowing English the breadth and depth to be subtle, shaded, ambiguous (in a good way), as well as humorous, blunt, slangy, and all the other wonderful things it can do. What I saw of the Republican questions struck me as containing all manner of tricks and gimmicks which would make for a darn good lesson for a high-school debate team: how to spot, identify, and disarm rhetorical questions etc.

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