Oh Wow

That was way more than I expected.

Holly molly.

Now that’s it’s over and Katie and Bob and whoever that other dipshit is are babbling — and now Dan Bartlett — liar person.


The Republicans have something different!  They found a guy who is a governor and set him in front of a house that looks sort of like the chamber the president just gave his SOTU address in, filled with everyone applauding on cue — is there a sign like on The Tonight Show that flashes at certain times?  “He’s just like the President!”  And no doubt that will fool some people tuning in for their local news.  Seriously — is there anyone in that  chamber that doesn’t clap on cue?


10 responses to “Oh Wow

  1. Yeah, I liked it. Pres. O seemed feisty and funny and serious (when he needed to be). I couldn’t take more than 3 minutes of the Rep. response. They really don’t get it, and the “coincidence” that the people behind him (and therefore in the camera) just happened to be a) a Black woman b) an Asian guy & c) a white fella in a uniform … purely coincidence, huh?
    My favorite moment was when the President said in the politest way possible ‘fuck you’ to Roberts & the 4 other supremos.

    • Actually, some of the people behind him were his cabinet members. (It’s weird — I didn’t know that Virginia’s gov. had a “cabinet,” but it’s true.)

      But don’t feel bad — Michael Berry thought the same thing. 😉

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  3. And I see tonight that the Republicans are remaining unrepentantly stupid. No new plans and proud of it!

    • I really do wish more commenters like tex would comment. It’s sad that my little blog only gets one hit wonders when it comes to commenters like tex. sigh.

      I recorded the SOTU on ABC last night and watch it on CBS. There was a little bit of Mitch McConnell that I wanted to catch, but it wasn’t on the ABC recording and I can’t find it on the intertubes.

      Which station did you watch?

  4. Damned at Random

    I loved the Repubs sitting stock still through most of the speech – I wonder what threats they got from leadership to behave like a bunch of overmedicated psychiatric patients. I didn’t listen to wingnut radio today- or read the blogs which I usually do. It’s not funny anymore because I have friends and relatives who really need health care. My guess is that the plight of the lower class doesn’t really hit home with our (wealthy) politicos and media.

    • I think that the merriment over the death of HCR is premature. I think that by taking the spotlight off it, just for this week, things have gotten done — perhaps I am naiive. I found it typical that Washington Week skipped President Obama’s criticism of the media. I’m still hopeful –especially today.

  5. I watched it on CBS (I think). I was confused cuz I was thinking that they might have it on PBS, since Jim said to Mark & David, “well, I’ll see you later tonight to talk about the speech” but I guess he meant he’d see them so they could tape something for the next day.
    There really does seem to be a low expectation of the Republicans. They act as though they’re just running out the clock but they’re not even energetic enough to play-act some sort of activity. Very toad-like (ribbet, ribbet).
    And, since you mentioned, I’ve now noticed lots of people who have just discovered word counts and how nifty it is to read all sorts of messages and meaning into it. The only word-counts I ever thought were interesting were the ones following Bush’s speeches, enumerating the words and phrases he mangled or flipped or otherwise abused. I wonder if the word-counters (Matthew Dowd etc.) play drinking games when they hear ’em?

    • The Republicans were on display today. While I am not on the bandwagon that the president was kick-ass, I do believe that his going to them and listening and responding was historic.

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