This and That

For all of the droopiness I felt last week, this week has been better for the most part.  At least humor-wise.

First up:  HA HA HA The 25 year old weasel who has been playing gotcha (did he get the Idea from MADTV?) with unsuspecting people not really expecting to be recorded but simply trying help their fellow humans has found himself arrested on felony charges.  In other words, James O’Keefe is in a world of trouble.  He’s innocent of the charges until proven guilty in a court of law and all that, but I think he can be judged a DUMBASS in the court of  public opinion at this point.  And to top it off, Pete Olson, among other Republicans — many Texans in that bunch — wasted the Congress’s time with a DUMBASS resolution honoring him.  (And people bitch about Sheila Jackson-Lee . . . go figure.)

Bible-thumper darling Tim Tebow is struggling with taking a snap from under the center.  Hmmm.  I’m the antithesis of a football fan and have always wondered about that quarterback/center relationship, but this just screams homophobia to me.  Apparently the guy prefers the shotgun — which keeps him from having to put his hands right up next to another big guy’s junk . . . (Apologies for the link; I couldn’t find the one I originally read.  This one looks a little wing-nutty.  Sorry.)

I’m enjoying the Republican primary debate for governor so far.  Some of the wingnuts I listen to have embraced Debra Medina, others don’t know what to think or say.  Some like Michael Berry are oddly silent.  I would love to hear Berry weigh in on the primary.  It’s likely he won’t.  (Can’t offend the small but loyal listeners with anything but Democrat bashing, now can we?)

Lastly, a sigh.  My reading class is sleepy and monosyllabic for the most part — which makes it extremely difficult to get a discussion going.  Tomorrow they have a test, but Thursday I may try to get them to interact on the class blog that I have set up from terms past.  Who knows?  Perhaps they will chat with each other online more easily than in class.  I’ll really push it this term.


2 responses to “This and That

  1. The O’Keefe kid seems stunned. Laws are there for other people (acorny, Black people) to break, not him! It was all a prank! Maybe he’ll get community service & probation and whether it’s cleaning up litter on the side of the road or whatever, it’ll be the first honest day’s work the guy will have done.

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