Unable to do math

I read this Joe Klein post and had to agree.

If you are getting a paycheck, you couldn’t help but notice that your take home pay has been better since last April.  Unless you are someone who can’t figure out why that happened.

The majority of the working poor in this country are white people.  Yes, yes, yes, a larger portion of minorities are poor, but did the white working class people miss the fact that they got a pay boost last April?  Has every single person forgotten that they essentially got a pay raise?

I think so.

Here in Houston, we have no less than four AM radio stations that spend almost every waking hour trying to tear down this presidency.  You can hear their gloating on almost any channel.  This is far worse than anything that happened in 2005.  There is a community of people who want President Obama to be a one term president — for no other reason than to gloat over it.

With the Supreme court opinion last week and talk radio types pushing for corporations to make a stand early, I think our system will break.

One thing I know.  If the system breaks, Obama is the person who I trust to fix it.  Why else would he have tried to hard to be president of a broken country?

So, here we are.  A nation of idiots who don’t even know how or what happens to their own damn paychecks — they just think GREAT more money.  And for the house flippers and the bankers who are too scared to loan the money THAT YOU HAVE ON DEPOSIT that they use to not make loans, but keep and pay you very little if any interest — cry for them — just like Michael Berry cried for those poor bankers today.

I blame teachers.


4 responses to “Unable to do math

  1. I agree. Even in those times when I’ve been (relatively) free for a period of months not to be absolutely stressed out about living from paycheck to paycheck I’ve always been aware of how much my paycheck actually is, down to the penny. I’m sure the blame can be traced back further than Ronald Reagan, but he really turned the use of the fictional anecdote into an art. An easy-to-remember “story”, with simple black and white situations and no ambiguity in the moral. The fact that every single one of his ‘stories’ was simply made up never factored into it for his followers. After all, what he was saying (the fantasy, that is) was somehow truer than boring old truth. Liberals get painted as being the naive dreamers, who battle against stereotypes because of some do-gooder mentality, and who insist on political correctness out of white guilt or something. But the liberal ideal has in fact always been to believe that things can be made better, more decent, more just, more humane, despite the ugliness in the world and in society. Conservatives cannot rouse themselves from a cynical certainty that the real world is dark and full of ugliness. And so they think they’re being pragmatic by giving in to the petty hatreds and divisive intolerance to which all humans are capable of but which some of us are doing our best to evolve out of.

  2. Oh! and one more thing. I cannot think of another person in politics today (and for some time past) who I would have more faith in to be able to get the job done than President Obama. He is the face of the America I believe in. Those other guys are yesterday’s dead-ends.

    • I’m hopeful about tomorrow night.

      I’m also hopeful about this year. Last week was bad, but I see this light — and it’s not from some god . . .

      Call me crazy . . . but I have hope. Real hope.

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