Another Aftershock in Haiti

I can’t even imagine.  After Hurricane Ike, at least we knew the storm was gone.  To still have such powerful aftershocks more than two weeks after the initial quake is unimaginable as far as mental health goes.

I haven’t heard any talk about violence or fear of it in the news reports for the last two days.  There were conflicting reports about the Haitian government calling of rescue searches — disputed early on and then repeated by FOX News all day Saturday.

That doesn’t surprise me since Fox News Channel was one of the very few cable networks that didn’t broadcast the Hope for Haiti Now telethon.

My hope is that Fox News will finally get it right, that the local affiliates will finally get it right.

Haiti will need help for a long time.  I’ve decided to think of it as a bill that I pay every month.

And because it had already started before the earthquake, reforms and rejuvenation will continue.   That’s my hope.

There is always hope.


4 responses to “Another Aftershock in Haiti

  1. Like I’ve been saying, the media seems to have the attention span of a gnat … Haiti gets bumped in favor of talking heads drooling over the prospect of something as novel as: another fake-populist Republican in government! or, John Edwards, or, gossip by M. Halperin, with lots of serious head-shaking by the kings and queens of hindsight, who would be outraged if anyone dared to peek into their sheltered lives.

  2. Okay, I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but I will. I missed you when I called from work, hope your day wasn’t too busy. Mine started off with a bang … I had to give a crash-course tour & training to an MLS student (they do this once a year) BUT everybody had forgotten to tell me about it! They’ve known for a couple of weeks and, to quote Dirty Harry ‘what with all the excitement’ I guess they just plumb forgot. I’m usually the king of preparing for these things so I had to wing it ALL DAY but it turned out okay. Made for a strange Monday, though: absolutely non-productive on a personal level but I earned mucho wheelbarrows worth of credit and Karma. YaY!

    • Sorry, I had a meeting that went from 3:40 ish to 5:00. I was so happy that I wasn’t the one who forgot — everyone else did. I had to go get them.

      So even though we didn’t get to yap at each other — it’s looks like a good Karma day, no?

      Murphy’s got the barkies and Junie is in the utility room. I have lunches and clothes ready for at least a couple of days. Life is good.

      Let’s see what President Obama has for the future — oh, and you should read this. It’s a “how soon people forget” post.

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