First Bed

I’ve been working and preparing for today for a while now.  The first bed is in the backyard.

Here we go:

For whatever reason, this part of the yard has a lot of oyster shell in it — deep down.  I had already broken it up a lot.  I followed the instructions from the book and put in stakes and stings and Roberto and I tried to “level” everything.

Roberto raked the area.

I had screened some top soil the past few weekends.

I had some sand leftover from putting in the pup run in the front yard.  Murph broke the bag open, so I salvaged what I could.

Tamping down the edges.

I had some topsoil from making the pup run.  We mixed that with a soil amendment and the sand.

We tried the string, but it didn’t work so well.  First bed, remember!

Next time we will lap the newspaper up on the sides.  Since some of our soild went through the holes, I stuffed them with paper.  This is not landscaping; it is gardening.  But I do want it to look descent.

We watered this with the new coil hose I bought at Target (made in Taiwan!)  I should have taken a pic of it.  Very cool.

The first bed is almost done.  It will settle and we have enough now to top it off.   I will crush the pecan leaves and use them for mulch.

We’ll add the top next weekend and then I will let it settle and then use the nifty testing kit I bought to see if it is ok.

Tomorrow I will clean out the space for the Second Bed.  It’s ground zero for my old makeshift compost pile, so it will take some work.  We started on buying the required pieces today.  I know if I did all of the beds at once, I would save money, but I’m not in a position to do that.  It’s not so much more expensive.  This first bed probably cost me $20.

And our little helper was tuckered later. Her paw prints are all over the new bed — but no sign of pooping or peeing so far.  I will put some protective screen over it tomorrow.

It’s not even cold anymore, but Junie still knows she can come into the utility room.  The loser here is Caroline — she only has two litter boxes instead of three to use.

Today was a good day.  Had you asked me last year if I had a plan for either the front or back yards, I would have said no.   However, now I do.


2 responses to “First Bed

  1. Great pix, per usual! But next time you gotta get some action shots of the soil-mixing, with anonymous arms up to their elbows in the mix! Hey! I’ll volunteer … But definitely a good start, I think … and I’m glad there was a picture of Best Helper Ever, all tuckered out after a hard day supervising.

    • I got the old compost space cleared out. I’ve got to put the plastic green fence stuff over Bed 1. I’m not sure, but Harry may be peeing in it. The book you gave me recommends creating a bed for the kittens with catnip in it. Perhaps we can make a small bed for them next weekend, too.

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