I Hate Thinking Up Titles

Today was ok.  I was wondering though why people back into parking spaces.  This morning as I was coming up a ramp in the parking garage — always a thinking situation when you drive a standard as I do — some bat was trying to back her SUV into her reserved parking space.  I don’t get how maneuvering backwards into a narrow space with concrete columns to avoid is preferable to backing out into an open space.  Of course all of the people who negotiate the backing in in the morning are terrible at it — it’s back and forth and back and forth with lots of twisting around in the driver’s seat.  I waited patiently while said bat painstakingly parked her SUV in her space.  I tried not to look mean or put off.

Like the Windows 7 commercials, I think the U.S. Military heard my complaint and started to do today what I had been thinking:  to avoid the security issue, bring in massive aid.  Pass shit out until there is no one who needs anything.  In other words — massive supply as fast as you can do it.  one NPR reporter on The PBS News Hour reported such an event happening today.  Now, if they will just multiply it by a thousand or so.  One disheartening thing I heard on the way home on NPR was that the chief tent agency is worried about tents being permanent.  WTF?  Just set the damn things up.  You can move them later.  They are tents for crying out loud.  Tents are by definition MOBILE.  SHEESH.  At least a mercy hospital ship arrived.  However, even The PBS News Hour is still focusing on violence.  Squeaky wheel, if it bleeds it leads and all.  I looked up just a little of the coverage of the 2004 tsunami.  I didn’t find any report of relief agencies being afraid of violence before they even went in.  I may look further tomorrow.  Most, almost all of the people there are families — some families were wiped out — but for every child in the over run hospital, there was a parent there.  Would you fight for food and water after seven or eight days or not?  I can only hope that Hillary is correct.  Things will be better tomorrow and the next day and the next.  And to the 82nd Airborne — thanks for finally getting it right — eight days in.  Make up for your slack and get your fellow military into gear NOW.  Wait, make that YESTERDAY.

And then there is the Senate and Health Care Reform.  I say yes, let the good gentleman whose first notion upon winning an election is to embarrass his daughters give the deciding vote on HCR.  Yes, let the wingnuts do their happy dance once again in two weeks.  Let’s just vote on it, shall we.  Let’s keep those precious policies of denying people coverage, no pre-existing conditions!, everybody’s got to make a buck (like those entrepreneurs in Haiti selling water they got for free — that’s CAPITALISM at work PEOPLE! )   Yes, let’s give all of those people who can’t get insurance stay uninsured for another year — it’s worked out so well for decades.  Centerfold Senator is just the ticket.  He sounded all Senatorial today.

Lastly, President Obama at least got a year.  Annise Parker didn’t even get 20 days before the hounds of hell decided that she has now made the entire city unsafe because crying firefighters will cry and other firefighters won’t do their jobs because other firefighters cry — and so people died and someone left his job for another job — or something.  OMG!!!!!!1111!!!  We have no police chief!  We have no fire chief!  WE ARE DOOMED.  Wait.  At least eight people aren’t dead and no one shot at a police helicopter.  Has anyone died or suffered loss?  Have any police officers or fire fighters refused to do their jobs yet?  (We did have the police officer’s UNION say they wouldn’t do their damn jobs if they couldn’t bust small time drug possession — that’s not a good talking point, so it’s off the air waves.)

I’ll close with this:  Some Bush holdover loose cannon said, yes, we should have interrogated the guy with explosives in his pants.  Of all of the things, notwithstanding Haiti, this was the news of the day that disappointed me the most.

I’m at the point that, sure, just let the wing nuts run wild.  More tax protests!  (Thought everyone who is working class saw a raise in their paychecks last April.)  More tax protests (though no one who has health insurance will see their taxes go up unless they make a ridiculous amount of money.)  More tax protests! (though cap and trade will reduce what everyone pays for energy — no more hostage to the oil companies.)  More tax protests! (Though letting a tax cut expire is not an increase and returning to the tax levels of the Reagan administration days — how soon people forget — will somehow ruin everything.)

Right.  Nachos.


3 responses to “I Hate Thinking Up Titles

  1. Yes, exactly. That thing you said (inside Jungle joke from Jim Rome days).
    I think a good title would be: Extremely Focused Semi-Rant.
    In other words, very good!
    The NPR reporter, Jason Beaubien, did try & get the point across to Margaret Warner that while there are certainly some criminal elements in Port-Au-Prince (and btw, name one American city where the same wouldn’t be true), the majority of people who were “looting” were putting themselves at great risk out of desperation, trying to find anything to eat or drink.
    And why did we need to see or hear from Chertoff? At least they mentioned that he’ll make a bunch of money if they stick his x-ray machines in the airports. I thought the doctor from Johns Hopkins, who made the comment about super models having their privacy invaded was interesting only because I had not for a single moment imagined that somewhere out there is anybody who would think of selling an x-ray to a tabloid. Bizarre.

  2. Hi! something curious happened after I left the message on the home phone (in response to your message). Since I wasn’t certain when you called I thought, hmmm, maybe you were still at work just getting ready to leave, so I called your work number. A woman answered and said “Judy?”, to which I said “Sorry?” and then she hung up. I called right back and this time it rolled over to your answering machine. This would have been around 3:30 or so.

  3. Completely off-topic but: be sure you watch the little you-tubey thing on Wonkette “Hitler Finds Out That Scott Brown Won In Massachusetts” … very very stupid and very very funny …

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