True Colors

I wrote to Michael Berry tonight.  Sometimes he gets a little antsy about whether or not I will copy and paste something from his emails to me on this blog.  I never have and never will.  Not even his drunk emails.

(OMG the Republican debate on the teevee is already really bad.  Perry’s already whipped out a “you betcha” and MILITARY MILITARY MILITARY!  YOU GOT THAT?)


Michael Berry is setting himself and his radio stations apart.  I never thought I would hear what I have the past two days on the air at any time, but yes, I did.

(WHAT?  Kay pulls out ACORN.  “Scaring people to death.”  Good grief.)

(Medina is on the MILITARY bandwagon.  She’s not really ready for prime time.)

Well, I didn’t mean for this to be a live blog of the debate, so I’ll stop.

Back to KTRH and KPRC and Michael Berry.  This is what I sent to Berry earlier tonight:

Who’s the worst?


It’s difficult to judge who has been the worst:  you, Limbaugh or Baker.

And that’s with Baker having been off the air in Houston (though not in Minneapolis as I understand it) for the last two days.

It’s not for me to tell you when you and your talent are on the wrong side of something, but I will anyway.  The way you treated that caller yesterday was despicable and replaying it today was simply blind vanity on your part.  Trust me, that clip is not flattering.

Limbaugh has bigger names than me judging him, but he is on your station and reflects on you.

Baker’s been melting down on a regular basis lately.  He can’t even rationally talk about the weather, much less immigration or our president.

I remember the little stunt you pulled when Ike hit.  Do you think I am the only one who does?  I remember your bragging about having MREs just after Ike.  And  you needed them why?  Or were you being fast and loose with the truth?

But hey, don’t let me stop you from giving your limited listening audience the opportunity to show their true colors.  I would say it’s refreshing, but I’ve lived with your listeners my whole life.  The only difference now is that they feel free, as do you, Limbaugh and Baker, to express their base opinions over the airwaves.


And speaking of Chris Baker — my goodness — he got into a pickle with the Catholics in his audience.

(Sorry — the debate is hilarious!)

Baker has been off the air for the last two days.  I finally heard why.  Listen to the podcast from 1/12/10 at the 9 minute mark.  I haven’t listened to what he said on Monday (1/11), but there’s enough info to speculate.  I’ll listen to it tomorrow.

(HOLY SHIT.  This debate is hilarious and SCARY at the same time.  Holy crap.)

While Baker’s producer has been covering for him the past two days, Baker has been on the air in Minneapolis the past two mornings.  Lying is sort of difficult to do in the age of the internets.  Perhaps Baker was taken off the air because he couldn’t toe the line Michael Berry had charted wrt Haiti.  Just look at his Minneapolis “blog.”

Berry also gets money from having Limbaugh on his radio station.  Here’s what Limbaugh has had to say since the earthquake in Haiti.

Oh, hell.  This debate is distracting.

My point is that Clear Channel here in Houston has gotten on the wrong side of the Haiti disaster.  While they want people not to donate to Haiti, it won’t work.  And when Haiti is doing better — as I have faith it will — they will hope that people forget how they behaved — I will remember.

I remember Michael Berry getting drunk and not being able to find his car.  I remember the shenanigans he pulled around Hurricane Ike.  I remember how Chris Baker asked a Homeland Security official whether he and his friends could go down and shoot people at the border.  I remember how I punked Michael Berry.  Even if Berry deletes all of it, I will remember — and remind you guys.

Final word, Limbaugh, Berry and Baker have all shown their true colors this week.


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