The Road

Went to see it last night.

I thought about it throughout the rest of the night, and this morning and the rest of the day.

It was an old-fashion experience.  In an old theater.   The filming had few special effects.  It was just a man and his son.  Much of the filming was gray — as I had seen it through the words in the novel.  I had wondered just how exact the film would be.  It was enough and I thought it was well done.

I want to go back to the book — I’ve loaned my copy out, so it will wait — to read certain parts to check my memory.  No hurry on that though.

It’s a story about a father and son.  Something that I tried to create with my own father, but the bond never took.  It didn’t with my mom either, so I was left adrift.  It’s a film that makes you think about family.

It’s also a film that makes you think about good and evil.  The fire and not eating your kids are coarse ways of identifying one from the other at the end, but only if you have not gone through the beginning.


3 responses to “The Road

  1. Although the unspecified disaster has been supposed (by reviewers, readers, etc.) to be something like a nuclear war, both the landscape and the unending certainty of something horrible happening if you were caught made me think of both Bosnia and Darfur. Like most “dystopian” visions of the future, a good part of the sadness and fear comes from knowing that things like this (on a smaller scale maybe) have happened and continue to happen to very real people. The pile of luggage and the pile of pathetic little shoes in that dreadful house was so reminiscent of the Nazi death camps. I thought the movie was amazingly well done, although all the “buzz” about Oscars blah blah almost seems like a disservice to the experience of seeing it, like interrupting someone at their prayers. It will stay with me for a long long time.

    • It’s bigger than any award, I agree. At this moment I can’t decide if I am crying about the experience of the film and book or the truly despicable response I heard tonight on the radio to an equally horrible situation.

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