Cold Weather Post

I’ll keep this post on top throughout the cold weather, so that those of you interested in how the outside kittens are doing will be able to easily check.

Everyone quickly came out after I got home.  While I was replacing their bedding and covering the plants, I left the utility door open.  All but Braveheart (that I saw) took a peak inside.  Each time, as soon as I approached the door, whichever one was in there came skittering out.

I put their wet binkies in the dryer, dug up some lids and bowls for water and food and swept the floor.  The litter box was clean already, since I had left the inside door closed all day.  Once their binkies were dry, I put one on the counter, one on the dryer, and two on the floor.  There’s also a quilt on the washer.

After that, I went out once more to see if I could coax Junebug in, but she wouldn’t stay.  Braveheart ran under the car.   Le sigh.

I found someone with a weather station reporting to weather underground that is only a few blocks away from the house.  The temp has only dropped one degree since I left work.  Hopefully it won’t get as cold as predicted, nor for as long, and we will all ride this out.

UPDATE:  As of 10:30, Junebug is in the utility room, sleepy on the quilt on top of the washer.  I hope the others will follow her when it gets colder.  Right now it’s 34 degrees.

Friday Update:  Junebug was still in the utility room this morning.  SG&W cat was out for breakfast this morning.  It got above freezing by 9:00 this morning and stayed above for the day.

When I got home, I saw Harry and Braveheart:

It’s a terrible pic, but that’s not the point, right?

June was still in the utility room (as she is now).  I heard but didn’t see SG&W cat a hour ago.  It’s a little after 8:00 p.m. and still above freezing.  I think we are going to be ok.

Update: Saturday night around 9:00 — looks like we all made it — and it doesn’t seem as cold tonight.  June is still in the utility room, but the others have been showing up and the sunshine today warmed everything up.  I feel like it won’t be as bad tonight as it has been.  It’s a great relief.  What sturdy kittens the OKs are!


8 responses to “Cold Weather Post

  1. I was out in the last hour and it is very cold but mainly because of the icy wind. Hopefully the guys will bundle together and stay out of the wind. As usual, let me know if there’s anything I can do. It’ll be a relief when the sun comes up tomorrow, even if it’s still cold as Riga in April!

    • Well, I came back in from going out with Tam and Murph. I saw the black & white cat that no one seems to like — under the car — then he ran under the house. I couldn’t stand it and took a peek in the utility room through the window — no one there — no’s been there. I’m going to put some water out for them. They have plenty of food.

  2. Happened to catch Baker attempting to give a Houston weather report… scoffing at the “one-day cold snap”, a day (or two ?) before it even arrived.

    Meanwhile, in the real world –

    Very sorry to note the passing of Maurice Hope Thompson, whose beautiful voice, dignified on-air presence, and engaging Saturday talk show on ktsu were a regular listen for me. Radio hosts anywhere would do well to follow Thompson’s example in running a genuinely civil discourse with the listening audience.

    The chron ran a nice observance –

  3. Alas, I listen to KUHF on Sat. mornings, so I missed out. I followed your link. At least this morning the comments were nice.

    I agree that there is something wrong with the way the wingnut stations handle callers. But I see them comprehending that they need any lessons from anyone.

    It’s a great loss for Houston and his listeners.

  4. I was waiting all day to hear that those wayward kitten boys had been seen. They are little survivors.

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