Well let’s just put this in the context of 2008 — Sheila Jackson-Lee supported Hillary Clinton — Jarvis Johnson supported President Obama.

I’ve been in Jackson-Lee’s court — she is my rep — for a long time, but I think that the trickle down of having an Obama supporter in the House would be very good.  And one other thing — if it would take a target off my rep for the wingnuts, then more power to him.  Wingnuts HATE Jackson-Lee and find any way they can to make fun of her.  I’m sure that Chris Baker would still mock her and Michael Berry would hold it over the heads of voters in the 18th for the next forever, but ok, Michael, the answer to your question to Johnson is STFU.  You will get to laugh your ass off as per usual for years to come.  But butt out of the Dem primary.  Focus your efforts on a Republican who can challenge.  Wait.  Who does Jarid Woodfill have lined up? Why can’t you focus on the Republican or the Tea Party candidate.

Who are they Micheal?

BTW, thank for having Johnson on your show.  It also showed your own short-sightedness.  You all dropped the ball on the mayor’s race, you seem to have dropped the ball already on the 18th.  Fun times.


2 responses to “Uncle

  1. She makes it very easy to be made fun of.

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