Last Day of Vacation

Well, I think I have made a lot of progress this vacation.  The holidays went well and I got a lot done around the outside of the house.  Tomorrow I will focus on the inside for the most part and getting something together for the outside kittens for the cold weather to come.  I hate that the coldest weather will come on the day I absolutely have to be at work.

The plan for the ok’s is pretty much agreed upon, though I may still come up with something better.  I’ll try to run the dryer as much as I can when the temps get down into the 20’s.  I wish there were a way for me to just leave it running all night.  At this point, I’m pretty sure that all of them get up in the walls around my bedroom.  They are pretty smart little kittens.  Like the wild animals that fled the tsunami in Southeast Asia, perhaps my little ok’s already know that it is going to get very cold and have taken the right measures or will take advantage of what I offer them.

I’ve read on websites about ferals that they will make peace to stay warm.  I think I saw that.  This evening, just before dark, I saw SG&W kitty (AKA BigGuy) sitting like a chicken on the back deck just inches from the black and white Tom he has been beating up on for the past few weeks.  The more the warmer, I guess.

The pit that I called the city about on Friday is still around.  I’ve moved the kittens food in back, though it is exposed to precipitation — I’ll figure it out — because she came by and ate all of it this afternoon.  Since she’s still out there, I’ll probably put some dog food out there for her tomorrow– away from the house the the outside kittens — until the city picks her up.  Maybe I’ll call the city again.  I don’t see how she could survive the cold.

I’m going to wrap the outside faucets and pipes, too.  When I bought this house, I crawled under it to wrap all of the pipes.   The only exposed ones now are the front and backyard faucets.  I found some insulated wrap in the garage to take care of it.

This takes me back to the time my family was out of town and there was a freeze coming and my mom and dad called me and asked me to stay at their house.  I opened all of the cabinets and let all of the faucets drip and worried about pipes exploding while they were gone and getting blamed for it.

How I wish I could transport all of the outside kittens to my mom’s house now.  Then there would be no worries.


8 responses to “Last Day of Vacation

  1. Remember that I’m on call for the OKs if you come up with a plan that would be easier implemented by 2 bipeds at the same time, k?

    • Hmmmm.

      Perhaps I should go out now and look under the house with the big flashlight?


      • I’m pretty much convinced that they are up in the walls. There is no sign of kittens on the ground under the part of the house they gravitate to.

        My job is to keep the house warm. I will keep the utility room warm with the little electric heater just in case June or Harry decide to come in, but for now, my job is to keep the house warm and then the ok’s will be warm.

        It’s as simple as that.

        Hoping for the best.

    • And given our conversation last Monday (doh! yesterday), I am very appreciative. Really, thank you. We all love you, you know?

  2. Yes, I know! btw, I checked the weather channel and here’s the following projection: each day with highs/lows along with something called “real feel” (which I’m guessing is a more casual way of saying “wind chill factor”?)
    Wednesday (rainy) – 58/44 (real feel: 53/30)
    Thursday (rainy) – 47/29 (real feel: 38/15)
    Friday (sunny) – 36/25 (real feel – 29/7)
    Saturday (sunny) – 43/26 (real feel – 34/15)

    Assuming that the coldest temps are at night then really it’s just Friday when you’ll be at work when it will be really cold. Try not to worry, them kitties are smart (and they seem to be smart as a team as well) …

  3. huh? no comprendo …

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