The First Day of the New Year

It was pretty awesome.  First though, while there were and still are a few idiots setting off fireworks, none were close to the house as in years past, and the pups didn’t get especially exercised about the ones that were set off nearby.  I even took Murphy and Tammy out front during the heaviest part of it, and they were more excited about all the new yard surface I had created earlier in the afternoon by spreading the wood chips from the cut-down crepes.  It was the best New Year’s here yet.

I woke up late this morning, knowing that I had plenty of time to meet up at 1:00 for the movie.  My mom, via her demand of my nieces, insisted that I eat at least ten black eyed peas today.  To pull this all together, I went to a movie today with friends and one of them kindly made sure that I had my black eyed peas — they were delicious (!) and I ate more than I was promised to — this will hopefully lead to good luck for my mom.

With that out of the way — the movie: Sherlock Holmes!

It was everything I had hoped and more.  I’ve long been a fan of Robert Downey, Jr. (though I skipped Iron Man — it’s going on my Netflix list and moved to the top).

The movie worked for me because of two things — the humor in it and the physicality of Downey — which I have admired since Chaplin.  I knew after the first few minutes that it was a movie I will buy when it comes out on DVD.  Jude Law made a great Watson.  In other words, this combination — Downey and Law, adds to the long list of actors that I have loved in these roles.  And there were several nice touches in both the dialog and scenery that I loved.

After the movie and circling around the parking garage for a while, we went to a place called Autie Pasto’s on Bellaire — it was perfect.  I had a fettuccine dish with shrimp.  I brought some home for lunch tomorrow.

It was a great start to the New Year.  Tomorrow is work in the yard and Sunday is helping mom with her drapes and setting up the desktop I gave my sister.

The future is bright!


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