Happy New Year!

And it is good to put this decade behind us.  Even if you are pendant and think the decade starts with 2001, then it is very good to put the first nine years of the decade behind us.  President Obama had to play catch up for most of the past year and still made huge gains.  I expect more in the coming year.  All of the people who started speculating about 2010 or 2012 will still do just that, but most of us average people live day to day.

Today I put together the composter — made in Germany — that I ordered.  It was pretty easy.  I cleaned out the space to seat it — a space that on nonfoggy days gets sun pretty much the whole time the sun is up.  It has a good start with at least four mature earthworms.  (I saved one form the front yard later and put him in the composter.  He fairly quickly slithered out of there under one side into the soft earth.  Perhaps he was angry with me.)  I’ll break down my old chicken wire compost and put the good stuff in it so make a start.

I also finished the pup path with pavers along the fence.  I bought just enough pavers, but one too many bags of sand.  However, I will probably mix in the extra bag with the soil and humus I will buy to start my first vegi bed in the backyard.  I thought I had some time to build the beds, but in reading the book Roberto got me, I need to build them and get the soil in so I can test it before I plant.  I need graph paper!!!!

Things are fairly calm around here.  Pups are sleeping while neighbor is playing music but not so loud.  The yards and everything around them are damp damp damp, so even if some decide to set off fireworks, they will fizzle.  With the fog though, I won’t be able to see the city’s fireworks except on teevee.

I feel pretty certain that this next decade will be President Obama’s.  I have confidence in him.  It’s pretty much a given that what the wingnuts at the Weekly Standard and National Review focus on will not be right and that President Obama has proven them wrong again and again.

Again, happy New Year.  It’s a great thing to look forward to the coming year.  I have this feeling it will be a good one.  One full of hard work, but one well worth living!


3 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Hear, hear! I’ve already made a list of things to be aware of at the end of this coming year, so as to avoid some of the holiday madness (talk about projecting!). And maybe better luck with my New Year’s resolutions, which remain the same as last year’s. (Lose some weight ; be less opinionated – here’s hoping!)

  2. I think there’s an idea for a kid’s book in the story of the angry earthworm.

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