Another Rant

I finally had the crepe myrtles cut down that my neighbor had complained about (and I had problems with as well) and then while I was out working on the pup-run neighbor had the never to 1) tell me yet again that she had at one time lived in my house — my god if I had done that to our next door neighbors for ten years when my parents bought the house next door to to the rent house we had lived in . . . . 2) ask me if I was going to cut down the pecan tree in the back yard, because, you know, it leaves PECANS in their cement yard once every four years.  Any idea about how expensive pecans are?  I would think neighbor would be thanking me.

Neighbor proceeded to ask me to watch their house, because, you know, I am here.

It’s funny how people think that you do something and then they can take advantage of you because they think you are being nice and not doing it because of them (except to get them to STFU.


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