A Better Mouse Trap

Currently, during the holidays, the only people reading my blog are Cory and Kevin.  While I appreciate the attention 🙂  neither of them think it’s ok to comment on what I write but rather think it is funny to link and comment on diigo.  What fun!

This is where their links go: Here. Here. And so on.  I always find a way to their diigo thingy.

It’s obnoxious.  But it leads me to something I heard on the News Hour tonight, and that I have thought about for a long time.  There’s some sort of weird idiocy going on here.  I write something that is completely clear and Kevin can’t get it.  One guy uses his shoe to try to blow up a plane and all shoes are inspected.  The shoe thing failed.  Kevin’s weird diigo thing failed.  What to do?  Keep looking at shoes and Kevin’s diigo thing?

No, the next person will build a better mouse trap.  Like hiding the bomb in his pants — where the upper-end security is going toward.  Make us — all of us — spend more money on machines.  A waste of time and money.  I could also worry about Cory and Kevin and continue to waste my time trying to comment on their diigo thingy.

A simple solution for me is to laugh at them.  A simple solution to the hysteria over a guy setting his pants on fire is to communicate better and use the information at hand to make better decisions.

I’ll probably get a handful of hits from both Cory and Kevin.  Thanks in advance.


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