The Pond

Years ago, when one of my colleagues moved from one apartment to another, he gave me this pond liner that someone had left at his apartment and that he couldn’t use as he had to stack plants in.   It’s been in my backyard all that time.  The plans for putting it in place have been in and out of my head for that entire time.

Beginning yesterday, I FINALLY got it together.  Well, yesterday I wasted a lot of time doing math that turned out to be useless.  Today I woke up late, but I was determined to get it done.

Here’s the story.

My helper for the day, Junebug.  (When I woke up this morning SG&WK was on one of the deck chairs getting ready to pounce on the latest intruder, but I stopped it, which meant he was scarce for most of the day.)

I spent a ridiculous amount of time yesterday trying to figure out how little I would have to dig and how many of these fancy bricks I would need.  I even searched for a corel draw like freeware program.  Stupid.  I was trying to build a rectangular structure for a very curvy pond.  Sleep helps and by this morning I had figured it out.

That I needed fewer of the bricks made me happy.  Now all I had to do was find all of the places around the house that I had put them.  There were 10 or so in the front yard keeping the pups in.  I replaced those with some plain old bricks I had.  Then I remembered that I had put some down in a corner of the yard.  I can’t remember why I did it, but it was a goldmine of fancy bricks.

This is the hole Junebug and I had after freeing 33 fancy bricks.

We put them on the deck in hopes that the terrible rain coming tomorrow morning will wash some of the dirt on them.  Some earthworms were injured during this process, though I think I saved a couple.

There was lots of concrete leftovers from the slab that had been there.  I tried to use my ACTION HOE at first, but the rocks and such left me with the task of digging with Roberto’s dad’s trowel.  It worked rather well 🙂  It took a while, but I got the hole the right size.  June mostly snoozed on the deck.  Sometimes she looked up when I found an earthworm and shouted and apologized.

These are either the lifesaving buckets of earthworms or their deathbed.  I don’t know.  I put all that I came across in one or another of these.  I want to keep as many as I can.  How they make (!) (made) a living through the concrete stuff and the clay I have no idea.

While we were working in back, Dora was keeping watch out front.  She alerted me to a pit bull in the neighbor’s yard and I ran it off with a whistle.  I’ve found whistling at seemingly aggressive dogs works.  For now.

The sides will only take 15 bricks and four high.  With what I found around the yard and dug up, I will only have to take 10 from the “driveway.”  I’ll never drive on the part that is made up of these bricks and Lantana covers more than 10, so it will be easy.

Someone finally showed up around 2:00.  He always has to snoop around any changes I’ve made in the backyard.  Snackies first!

Harry is a handsome kitten, no?

Stalking Junebug.

SG&WK showed up.  He’s not so sad anymore.  He sleeps on the deck chair and chases away any new big cats.  I still think about trapping him, but he seems ok when it’s just the 4 of them.  He’s still not completely comfortable about the swimming that takes place at breakfast or dinner, but he’s getting more and more used to it.  While he will never let me touch him, I know that he knows that I’m ok — even happy with him being here.  Who knows?  Maybe when I get the garage together, he will come curl up on the deck chair next to me and sleep.  I can only hope.

Tomorrow I work on the pup path in the front yard and maybe even get the garden fence up and rye grass planted.

Oh, and why stop on the pond?  I can finish it anytime and need to wait for spring to get the right plants.  I also need to figure out a filtration system — or if one is necessary.  Research!


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