I will probably watch Avatar through Netflixs at some point.  Two movies that I want to see are The Road and The Lovely Bones.

The Road is a very personal experience.  I know Roberto wants to see it — in a way.  And one of our friends has mixed feelings about it, too.  For both books, I remember reading them through in a day.  Both were — let’s just say — life changing.

I suggested that the three of us see The Road together and not ask if we separate during the film and sit in different areas of the theater.

I haven’t asked Roberto about The Lovely Bones, but I think he would be game.  It’s got my favorite in it:  Mark Wahlberg.

Add onto that, Sherlock Holmes, with another of my favs, Robert Downey, Jr. and it looks like I will spend a bit of time at the movies this holiday.


4 responses to “Movies

  1. Definitely “Sherlock H.”, and “The Road”. Would not having read “The Lovely Bones” yet be a problem, do you think? I usually try & read the book first (if it’s a serious work, not if it’s say Tom Clancy or John Grisham, which sounds elitist and may be, but oh well). I’ll read “Lovely Bones” eventually, both because of the subject but also because it sounds like the approach to the narrative voice is very interesting, and from what you’ve said, very effective. That alone might make the book and movie an interesting contrast. But yes, holiday-movies sounds like a good idea. The guys up in Austin will be a harder sell (or buy) … we’ll have to land on something between the Chipmunks and Saw XXIII or whatever … I’m quietly militating for “Young Victoria” as a safe enough possibility … so long as it doesn’t turn out to be a piece of junk like Sophia Coppola’s execrable “Marie Antoinette” … Marie and her ladies-in-waiting going shoe-shopping and to an 18th century equivalent of a rave (with Joy Division … Joy Division!?! on the soundtrack) doesn’t even sound like a good idea on paper … not that anybody asked me …

    • Oh noes! I bet I missed your call because I left the computer online after trying to find a free drawing tool to plan the backyard. SIGH.

      From what little I can tell, it looks like the movie gives more focus to the father, whereas the book focuses more on the sister. It’s hard to say if you should read the book first. It’s an effort by the same people as LOTR, so that may decide it for you.

  2. Hmmm … I think I’ll try & read it beforehand … I’ll give you a buzz late afternoon, k? You can be the accountant as I rack up the treats at the store! See how close you can get on an estimate! It’ll be fun! I swears it!

    • I’ll be here and offline around the time we agreed. I got the Kroger ad today — the shrimpies are still buy one get one free.

      I can’t decide if I want to make a few runs to Home Depot or work on the front yard . . .

      Read it while you are gone if no one else has checked it out.

      I’m very scattered tonight. PBS had on a documentary about Bonobos and then the White House Tree Lighting thing. Weird, but right up my alley. I recorded both.

      Oh, and Susan Sarandon was on Letterman tonight — The Lovely Bones opens on Jan. 15th — so no rush.

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