The Pics from Great Granny Day

FOOD!  I didn’t take a pick of the dinner I made, but everyone was very appreciative — though most were already stuffed with bread mix and cookie dough.

Here we go!

This is the beginning of the bread.  I missed the banana mashing.  Little and big hands working together.

The result!  We had enough to give to R’s mom and to the neighbors.  The girls were eager to spread the good eats, even if they had only tasted the batter.

The beginning of the 5+ hour cream candy adventure my brother took.  At least this year he washed dishes while tending this slow cooking masterpiece.

The surprise was that there was too much pumpkin.  The joy was that we made five rolls instead of one, so there were more to share.  Mine will go up to Austin and hopefully bring some cheer.

The girls and mom and sis made grandma’s sugar cookies.  They made them better than ever.  More gifts for neighbors and friends.

The creamy goodness that goes into the pumpkin roll.

Trying so hard to keep it together — it was our first time making them.


My girl.  My responsibility. My love.

Santa came.  My girl doesn’t believe in Santa at all.  In the future, she will be able to hold that against her sisters.  She already knows that it is mom and dad that she needs to lobby.  Her sisters are just dreamers.

She’s a realist.

The middle one is the biggest dreamer.  Though I am not her godmother, I still feel compelled to encourage her imagination.  The oldest one is lost to me.  She follows my sister and mom.  It’s not a bad thing, just different.

Again, yesterday — a day to remember.  Always.

I don’t know who got my camera (I’m thinking it was the littlest one), but one of the girls captured my mom’s tribute to Roberto on the Christmas tree:

We love you Roberto!


One response to “The Pics from Great Granny Day

  1. Great pictures (as usual). And I love the guitar-ornament!

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