Pay Attention!!!! Or, else

This is for Kevin:

These are just a few of the things horribly wrong with this bill. It’s time to start over. It’s time to do this right. The Democrats are trying to rush this through for their own political agenda, and that is just wrong. All of us want to fix things in health care. There is agreement on many many things, but the Democrats are shutting out the Republicans and the American people on this.

We aren’t happy. If this passes, I don’t think you will see the usual resignation of defeat from the American people. This is different. We are done being railroaded. We are done being ignored. There will be the largest non violent protest since the days of civil rights.

You just wait and see.

I decided against mocking this post and instead just straight quoting it since people like Kevin and Cory seem unable at times to get my humor — I know, it’s MY fault.

Honestly, I can’t really understand the over-simplification of history encompassed in that second graph, nor can I “wait” to see more of the tea party crowd bellyache about the media, taxes, government takeover, yaddah yaddah yaddah.

(BTW — I don’t know what happened to the post you called unhinged, Kevin.  I didn’t delete it.  Sometimes WordPress eats things.  My apologies.)


One response to “Pay Attention!!!! Or, else

  1. Cory surrenders ignobly.

    That was fast.

    Looks like Kevin is just a coward.

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