Houston — So Misunderstood

Let’s just say that Annise Parker’s election to Houston’s mayor was something that was bound to happen.  She did everything right.   For all of the nastiness, she won.  For all of the hangers on, sorry, Houston has always had a strong gay community.  For all of us who live here — as my friend said “fuck Bob Lanier.”  You all celebrating have got it wrong.  This victory is one of a person — home grown — who worked her way throught the system, and  thanks to her good works, won.

All of the Houston haters were rewarded today on local talk radio.

Every last one of them got to express how sad they are now that Houston has a mayor.

There was no reflection upon how all these Republicans and conservatives dropped the ball.

I’ll write them all.


2 responses to “Houston — So Misunderstood

  1. Her victory wasn’t because of the gay community, however large or small it is. It was because she presented herself as the better candidate, and Houston’s voters responded to that.

    That’s a far bigger victory for gays (i.e., that people don’t care) than that gays turned out more voters.

    Houston has shown over and over again that voters will elect the person they think can do the best job. As much as everyone loves to hate their neighbors, it’s a great place to call hom.e

  2. Nowhere in my post did I claim that she won because of the gay community in Houston. The hangers-on that I was referring to were different people I read on the internets claiming her victory as their own — because of her being gay. In other words, I was getting tired of people who have no clue about the city politics of Houston making claims or mocking our city.

    Parker has an excellent campaign team that has been working well for a number of years. Of course, it makes it easier to campaign when you have an excellent candidate, which Parker is. She’s served our city well and there is no reason to think she won’t continue to do so.

    As far as the Republicans in Houston and Harris County, I wonder if you could shed some light on why the one Republican who ran was basically ignored by the party or why they didn’t field one that they could support. (And of course I know the race is non-partisan, but everyone knew that three out of the four running were Dems and one was a Republican.) Any insight on that topic?

    In my view, Houstonians have shown that the Bob Lanier power brokers have lost that power at this point. And that’s a very good thing.

    And if your neighbors hate you, gosh that’s a shame. Everyone I know is closer than ever to their neighbors, especially after Ike. Perhaps you should give that some reflection.

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