I’ll jump in

Tonight I am mostly happy.  Parker’s got the gem.  Could she be the gem for the speech in 2012?  This is one instance that i think i can look forward.

The answer is yes.


3 responses to “I’ll jump in

  1. Yes, a very good result. And I think it was a perfect storm of incompetence and not paying attention that left the Republicans with no one even close to the final running. They ain’t got nuthin’, and they looked in the cupboard and the cupboard was bare! Boo hoo. And a few wailers in the distant outlying wilderness (Sugar Land, Woodlands, etc.) continually trumpeting how Houston is a conservative city can’t make it so.

  2. Oh, and one other thing. I happened to catch an older and okay movie with Anthony Hopkins the other night (it was made in the early 80s) and someone asks him about a recent business trip to Houston and he says something like: “same as always — oilmen and barbecue”. I wonder if one of these days some bright young thing in the national media will hang out here longer than an afternoon and maybe notice something other than the heat and the big hair and the traffic. There are plenty of urban places in the more complacently “blue” parts of the country that aren’t nearly as progressive or able to forge extremely diverse and workable alliances the way our city is able to. It might be easier and more comfortable to be a progressive in Austin or Boston, but personally, it counts more and means more to be a progressive in Houston. And I promise not to re-visit the whole proud history of the Texas connection to America’s Trotskyite heritage!

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