Backhanded Complement

Unemployed non-book writer Sarah Palin says that she “thumbed through” “her book” the other morning and found that President Obama had cribbed from her work.

Oh wait, that’s not what she said.

I talked in my book too about the fallen nature of man and why war is necessary at times, and history’s lessons when it comes to knowing when it is that we engage in warfare. And a couple of the other things he said were, I thought, wow, good, those are nice, a broad message, so broad that I just wrote about those. A lot of Americans right now are getting to read also my take on when war is necessary.

Perhaps she thumbed through the audio version.  This one paragraph shows that she doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about.  However, she certainly knows how to jump on coattails.

One of the worst things I’ve heard about Obama’s speech accepting the Nobel Prize was that his speech was “incoherent” on The News Hour last night.  This Palin backhanded nonsense is the second.  She had every opportunity to give an important speech during the campaign but didn’t.  She’s had numerous opportunities after the campaign and she hasn’t.  Her catty ‘I already talked about that.  Obama is copying me’ is childish.  First, everyone on the planet knows she didn’t write her own book (just like everyone knows Chris Baker doesn’t live in Houston).  It’s those lies that all but 20% of readers/listeners believe that makes them disingenuous at best and outright liars in reality.


One response to “Backhanded Complement

  1. God Almighty! When will someone sit her down and explain the proper use and placing of “also” within a sentence!!! Maybe it’s a quirk of the Alaskan dialect of standard English but it has worn out its welcome.

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