Young Master Murphy

For a while now — maybe a month or two — Murphy has at times — to me — been a little depressed.  I mentioned it to my colleague today and he asked me how old Murphy was.   I said two.  He told me that Murph was growing up and that his pup Annie had gone through the same thing, as did the pups at the dog park he takes her to.

This made me very sad.  For some reason, I want Murphy to always be that angry, barking mad boy that I fell in love with.  I want my two-month old Murphy back.

Unfortunately, that Murphy is gone.  He has been replaced by a calm, sweet, preciously sweet young boy dog.  As my colleague said, Murph is now a dog.  Not a 25 hour a day puppy anymore.  I really likd the puppy.  Despite my best efforts to keep him a puppy, he has grown up.

Like right now.  He’s not barking.  He’s just hanging with Tammy.  The nerve!  He’s being good.  What to do?

I don’t remember Gretchen going through this supposed puppy two year old change — but Gretchen was — different.

Buddy was maybe 8 when he came to live with us and it was anyone’s guess as to how old Dora or Tammy may have been — more than two years most likely.  Murphy was my youngest pup.   I made that pup who he is — all of the problems and needs.  I made him.  Or helped him.  And now he’s gone and grown up on me.

I want him to need me.  But he doesn’t.  He’s now another somewhat well-adjusted member of the family.

I’m struggling with this realization.


One response to “Young Master Murphy

  1. Damned at Random

    I went through that when my stepdaughter left home. She is healthy and well-adjusted too.

    Be thankful he’s ot another Dora- you did right by the little guy

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