Corridor of Cruelty

I only picked up on this after the fact.  SNAP is on my email list, but I didn’t get to vote for them in the challenge to get funds to go into this horrid place to spay and neuter.  Fosters are what they need, and I cannot do that now.

The place is off 59N in Houston.  SNAP has gotten funding to go out and spay/neuter.  I’m fairly good with dogs.  I will research it more and I hope to connect up an save some pups.  Perhaps I could reconstruct the puppy play pen but better.  Maybe that’s a way I could foster.

Perhaps I could incorporate some puppies into the garden plans I have.  That way I could keep pups in the backyard — and keep the feral kittens safe, too.

I’ll have to think about fostering.  But I know I could help trap.  I am more fearless about pups than ever in my life — despite being mauled by my own dog.

Three more days, and then I am in.  Head first.

And my intervention team should be on alert.


7 responses to “Corridor of Cruelty

  1. This member of the intervention team is officially on alert. The pictures on the link were heartbreaking. And it’s exactly the same as when I see people under a bridge and know that “there but for fortune” is where I could have easily wound up at several points in my own life. And seeing those pups I could only think of Buddy or Tammy or poor crazy Dora hauling her own babies across the countryside (not to mention the now-famous drain-pipe quartet). So yes, I’ll intervene when and if it’s necessary but I’d like to help as well.

  2. Damned at Random

    I fostered a couple of newborn kittens once- giving them up broke my heart- if I hadn’t had to go on business travel, it might not have happened. Then there were the 10 puppies born in my shed – they all got adopted. Good luck – try not to get too attached

    • Just to clarify, this isn’t about adopting strays — this is about a dumping ground for dogs who have been exposed to the dog-fighting industry.

      It’s a big deal here. Perhaps you don’t have the same problem in your area.

      I have no problem with carrying a mother cat and her kittens to adoption. I did it earlier this year. I have a problem with bringing pups into a place that I want to be for plants and kittens. If I make a place for pups from a dumping ground, I have to change my plans for a garden for us — meaning my own rescued pups and kittens.

      Your comment seems to be rote and with no acknowledgment that you named one of my pups.

      Are you ok?

  3. Damned at Random

    I’m OK. Didn’t intend to be distant. I don’t know of any dog fighting here, but I may just be naive.I would guess fighting dogs would be a different problem than strays from unwanted litters. We have a lot of abandoned animals because of the economic probems – but so far I haven’t run across packs of dogs. Do they do neuter and release like they do with stray cats?

    • I’m glad you replied to that comment and that you are ok. I was a little worried.

      I knew of the problem with dog fighting here, but I didn’t know that there was a dumping ground until the past couple of weeks. There have also been problems with pack dogs. It’s been a sporadic problem in my little area for the entire time I have lived here. That’s one of the reasons I was so glad to have come upon Murph and his sibs when I did. They would more likely have been dinner for those pack dogs at their young age than to have joined them.

      I don’t know about the spay/neuter release. From what I can tell, they try to rehabilitate and then adopt out. I will have to look into that more.

      Again, I’m glad you are ok. And you know, your Murphy has grown up to be a very fine dog. He still gets a little scared of things at times, but most of his life is very good. I love him very much. You will always be connected to him. I always post pics of him hoping that you will see them and take some pride that you were there at his beginnings in this crazy world.

      Take care.

  4. After I posted that i thought, well, duh- a pack of wild dogs is a lot more dangerous than a pack of feral cats- of course they don’t neuter and release.

    There was an article in the paper today about 100 dogs seized from a hoarder in eastern Oregon – they took them to Portland and are trying to rehome them.

    We’ve talked about getting a dog again, but I’m pretty attached to our wildlife and I think a dog would scare them off. Plus we have 8 inside cats so I think we are maxed out for now

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