Snow — The Morning After

After worrying about the outside kittens and somehow tripping two breakers (after it got dark), we awoke early to a very cold crisp morning.

Tammy peed in the bathroom.  I’m surprised that was the only accident since none of the pups would go out after about 9:00 last night.

Some picks — this from yesterday afternoon:

Harry checking out the little cubby I moved from the garage:

I put a couple of towels in the recycling bin, too.

Sad Gray & White Kitty showed up for some dinner.  Harry wanted to play.

Then surprise!

I set it up again, but this time without the milk crate.  As of this morning, it looked like someone had slept in it at some point.

Frost on my plants this morning:

Looking down the street:

Snow still on the roof:

Snow Murph:

Junebug, up early, hungry and playful:

The sun is shining now, Dora is barking in the front yard, and I’m off to look for more outside kittens.

UPDATE!!!!!!! Sleepyheads Harry and Braveheart finally showed up for breakfast.


3 responses to “Snow — The Morning After

  1. And finally Sad Gray & White Kitty shows up for breakfast at noon.

  2. Alright! All kit-kats accounted for. As usual, some great pictures. Harry is getting big!!!

    • I was happy to see the big guy no doubt.

      I was late on the trigger to record Harry and Braveheart tussling and chasing each other around the backyard. At first I thought BH might be a little too rough with the little guy, but I was wrong. Not only was Harry spoiling for a tussle — he even tried to chase down Junebug when BH took a break. I am so proud of him! He took on the cold through play. He also taunted Tammy for about 20 minuted on the other side of the backdoor. He made her crazy!

      The vegetation all looks ok except for the little plant next to the garbage can station. By this afternoon, the frosted parts were looking like seaweed. But not all of it. Perhaps I can save it. On the other hand, all of the flowers from last weekend seem to have perked back up.

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