About the Historic Snow

This is how things played out in my life — we will compare it to others in a bit.

I remember earlier in the week that the forecast on the local CBS channel was for snow on Friday.  My family does a family thing on the night that Santa rides the firetruck through Pasadena every year and I had stupidly made a dental appointment for about the same time, so over Thanksgiving I agreed to identify the date.  Once I had it, I called my mom, and we talked about the possibility of snow.   She remembered (memory of an elephant — it was December 10th last year) that it had snowed early last year.  I remembered that too and so this year was not that much earlier, except that we have had snow more often than ever in my life of 40+ years of living here.

I was surprised and anxious when I found out on Friday that the university would be closing early.  I had planned on having a full afternoon to get my work done — so I had to prioritize.  I made it — which means I was able to listen to Chris Baker on the way home.

First thing to know is that Baker is not in Houston.  He’s in Minneapolis.  So when he claims that his kids are playing in the snow, he’s lying.  The snow hadn’t reached there by Friday afternoon — if this particular front even affected where he was.  He tries so hard to pretend he’s here.  It’s almost sad.  Sad because he thinks his listeners are so dense.

Baker made fun of weather forecasters and Houstonians for two hours.   If he could have called his listening audience pussies he would have.  Maybe he did.  But Baker’s hobby horse is the media — and on weather days  — it’s the weather part of the media.  (Let’s just let it go that he is part of the media too now.   For better or worse — he and his kind have inserted themselves.)

Maybe it’s because I don’t have cable.  Baker hates weather people.  According to him, they (weather people and reporters) always go overboard.  I saw none of this on the local weather.  I understood why employers let people go early — I was out on the mostly invisible roads last Tuesday — as were most of the people I work with.  Visibility even without sleet and snow was nil in Houston that night.  The city and responsible employers did the right thing — and hopefully planned for such hits, as any good business would — and decided to try to mitigate the damages.

And for that, all of them are called wimps by a guy up in Minneapolis.  A radio guy who has nothing to worry about.  A guy named Chris Baker, who has ridiculed every person he has ever come across — perhaps even Michael Berry — and still has a job.  He produces nothing.  He calls people names. Again and again and again.  He thinks things are funny the more they are repeated.  While he mocks his audience, he trusts World Net Daily and Sky News.  He lives in another city but pretends to live here.

Over and over again he told his audience that the world was laughing at Houston all because the city officials and responsible business people took precautions.  Will he come on the air on Monday, from Minneapolis, and credit the city for the lives potentially saved because of the actions taken?  Has he looked at the “liberal” newspaper here to seek the death-toll of the “Great Blizzard of 2009”?  It’s not funny, so no.

I wasn’t surprised to hear Randy Lemmon jumping on the bash the media bandwagon at 6:00 this morning.  He’s supposed to be the “Garden Guy” but this morning he was the “keep the meme going on this wing nut station guy.”  He decided that he would clean out his freebie closet by giving shit (his definition) away to anyone with a bash the media story about the weather that made him laugh.  Funny thing is, the station ran a stale weather report from Friday early on Lemmon’s show.  “Oh noes!!! I thought.  It will get down to the 20″s again tonight?!?!?!?!'” Right.  Bitch about the media and it will bite you in the ass.  Lemmon complained about the weather media, but then ran an outdated weather report that could have confused.  No worries.  Hardly anyone is paying attention, so no one cares.

Someone I know recently moved from the inner city to outside the loop.  Now needing to pay attention to traffic after years of just zipping on side streets to work, he started tuning into AM 740 — recalling their ads of being the news traffic and weather station.  He was surprised to find Lana and J.P. interviewing Cunningham as if it were news.  I told him that 740 no longer has reports like they used to, so all they’ve got is phone-ins.  And now it’s all partisan.

For a very long time, Houstonians had a radio station that just gave them the information that they needed.  It’s call letters spell out Keep Tuned Right Here.  They had actual news — real news (though one of their old reporters is now doing wingnut commentary on a competing station) real traffic and real weather.  Now it’s all wingnut all the time.  AM radio in Houston is filled with liars and those who support liars.  YaY for AM radio.

Ha ha.  Upon adding links, Michael Berry’s AM 740 still has up warnings from yesterday.  It’s 8:20 on Saturday night and this is what the “news” radio station has up:

Oh yes, I will click there.  This station deserves to fail.
I wonder if the people whose loved ones died this weekend found others’ — including Friday’s  Chris Baker — laughing at the conditions funny?   Baker won’t touch that on Monday.  It’s not “funny.”  And he’s not here.  One man may have jumped or was plunged to his death on a local freeway.  I’d pay money for anyone t ask Baker about anyone laughing at that, especially given how late on the weather updates his mothership is.

3 responses to “About the Historic Snow

  1. Well said !

    But why give Baker so much credit ? Since when has he ever shown the slightest bit of decency regarding others’ real misery and even death ? Far from it, that’s just more material for his ugly rants. Recall the months of comic patter he drew from the hilarious Yates child murders ? Just for starters.

    Great post, cutting right to the real degradation of “local” media. Give ’em hell !

    • Thanks.

      Of course, I know that what happened this past Friday or Saturday will not be on the radar for either Baker or Berry. They will be plowing full force into the Governor’s race. I find it odd that both Perry and Hutchison are running ads now. I’ve been tempted to fact check both, but why bother? They both lie.

      BTW Berry also emails me and I him. His emails always include language that I can’t use anything in them publicly. I think I can say that he is just the same via email as he is on air: a weasel all the way around.

      Thanks for checking in and not being a libertarian dickweed. I always appreciate your comments.

  2. The Yates case. These god people don’t ever get the damage they do. Never.

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