Found It!

I’ve got to put together a final for my advanced reading class.  It’s not comprehensive — just over the last chapter we covered in the text.  While the first four chapters were right down my alley — Big Bang, Evolution, Primates, Early Humans — this chapter is about art.  I have no test prepared for it.   Until now.

The reading focuses on Picasso’s Bull’s Head and delves into how he could have put those two things together.

This reminded me of one of my most favorite paintings — Salvador Dali’s The Hallucinogenic Toreador. I looked for the Venus pencil box that in part inspired it today on the internets, to no avail.  Tonight I looked for the book I knew had the picture and found it more easily than I thought I would.  (YaY! me!)  I’ll put the test together on Friday.

Most of my students in that class will not be attending class on Friday, so I had to get this together today. For those who will attend on Friday, I have decided (after taking a poll) that we will read The Story of an Hour. They voted for a drama with mystery.  I think it fits the bill and we can do it in less than an hour.

I really want to take my afternoon tomorrow, but it depends on how much I can get done in the morning.  I have several writing papers I must edit and more are due.  I don’t know if I can get it all done.  I graded papers all afternoon today and only made a dent in my pile.

The reason I want to leave early is because something wonderful happened today.  The two very large and very annoying crepe myrtles were destroyed today.  How I wish I could have been here to see it.  While it won’t keep my neighbors from concern trolling me about other parts of my yard, it was and is a great achievement.  The front yard goes forward from here.  Those plans in my head — much like the test for my advanced students — will all come together.

I can do this.


4 responses to “Found It!

  1. They cleaned up very thoroughly from the way it looked when I showed up. And they seemed unusually attentive to the gate and one of them even chided another one for trying to open it the wrong way (I thought I was the only one who did that!). While I hung out with Dora and reassured her that her world wasn’t ending Tammy & Murphy went out and investigated. I think Murph liked running and skidding in the wood dust and they both did a thorough examination of the exposed part of the chain-link fence. Cisco had a quiet bite & Caroline popped up from under the bed to see if it was safe. As I was driving away sad-grey-&-white kitty was running up the driveway (pretty briskly), and he reminded me of Twin, he looked liked he’d puffed up a little for the cold, which made him look healthier as well. I rolled down the window and told him to find a nice warm spot and you’d be along with supper before too long. The yard looks good and to be honest, the neighbors are just jealous.

    • I hope you get to feeling better soon, Roberto!

      I covered all but one of the flowers I planted last weekend — as an experiment suggested at work to see if they will be ok.

      Neighbor used his noisy generator to powerwash his house all afternoon 😦 I got a bit done after he turned it off. Surprisingly, Murph and Tam only barked at him a bit and then stopped. Dora was another story . . . .

  2. Picasso’s Bull’s Head is a great idea! It’s such a touchstone for that period in time and verges on Surrealism (or as close as PP ever got to it), and it encourages viewers to extremes: either they marvel at the artistic eye which could see such a thing and then transform something as banal as a bicycle seat into a representation of something so powerful and alive … or, one can see it as a cheat, a joke, possibly at the public’s expense. Anyway, a great choice!
    Off-topic: did you watch “So You Think You Can Dance?” last night? They had some special guests and the music was by the Vitamin String Quartet, who specialize in arranging pop or rock songs in a chamber music format (they’ve done an entire album of Incubus songs, for example). Anyway, last night it was their arrangement of Coldplay’s “Yellow”, which I’ll always associate with you & those 2 most marvelous pups in all the world, Cheena & Buddy.
    Hope you were able to have a good afternoon off (even though you were probably working on school stuff).
    Tomorrow night will definitely be a “cover the plants” night. And drive carefully!!!!

    • Ack!!! The Bull’s Head is in their textbook. The test will be for them to realize the same thing in Dali’s painting. Two ordinary things — a matador and a picture of the Venus de Milo on a pencil box inspired the painting. Today I told them about the test and showed them The Hallucinogenic Toreador. We’ll see how it goes.

      No, I haven’t been watching SYTYCD this time. The regulars have put me off. I’m sorry I missed what you saw and have no hope that you recorded it . . . though perhaps I can look it up over the holidays — or ask for the CD for Xmas. Hmmmmmm. And yes, even though Chris Martin claims not to know what the song is about, I do. It is about Buddy and Gretchen.

      I covered the plants this afternoon. The cold will start tonight, but the worst will be tomorrow. I think we are ready. We’ll see.

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