I went to a movie this weekend

I saw a man take three little girls into the men’s restroom.  He did it twice.  There are urinals in there.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Michael Berry, but I could be wrong.

Michael Berry went to the movies with two of his nieces.  He noticed that mostly non-white teenagers were there and that most of them dropped f-bombs around him.  What he doesn’t know is that all of those teenagers did that on purpose, just to make him look silly.

That is just about as credible as Berry’s supposed story that led him to spread rumors about a certain person who happens to be famous.  Berry cannot put down the celebrity pipe.  He wants to be one so badly it hurts.  He thought he might have reached it when he “lost” his SUV, but that didn’t stick.  (I thought it was a good story.)

So it’s the same old story.  Blackity black black black with a good dollup of whiney white man mixed in.  It’s probably why he didn’t yap about the party crashers.


2 responses to “I went to a movie this weekend

  1. Hey! not fair! I was looking forward to a post about the movie you went to see and instead it was a Michael Berry post! ha ha … btw, the man with the 3 little girls had that desperate ‘WTF’ look about him that spells: custody weekend FAIL ….

    • January 8, 2008 — I just wanted to remind myself of when Berry allegedly was carjacked by three knife wielding men, but was able to escape and then his Tahoe was found in the apartment complex next door. No one was ever charged. Not even Berry.

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