Flowers and Helpers

Luckily, there was only a little sprinkle this morning, so I was able to get the flower bed completed.  I had a little help 🙂

The Beginning:

I will have to paint the bottoms of pickets again.

My first helper:

My second helper:

At about the half-way mark.  I miscalculated by one flower pot.

Junebug was really bugging Dora.

All of the flowers in:

My third helper:


My fourth helper:

There is a dog in the ditch across the street.

I still need to sweep up.

Hardworking pups at rest:



2 responses to “Flowers and Helpers

  1. Yay! I love the picture stories (esp. ones with 4-footed helpers). The flowers look really nice in their new homes.

  2. I hope they survive the cold rain and snow! I will probably need to cover them tomorrow night. Or the next.

    At least I got another heater tonight — both the pups in the bedroom and the pup here with me in the living room are warm. The terrible drive home was worth it.

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