Yard Work

Since I have come up with an all encompassing plan for both the back and front yards, the work has been steadily progressing.  In the back yard, I finally ran into the problem I knew was there — poison ivy.  I bought some very powerful herbicide to kill it.  The only problem is that it has wrapped itself around a very desirable tree.  I think I will go and buy some long pants and a long sleeve shirt from a second hand shop and also some heavy gloves.  Then I can tackle it and throw the clothes away.

I cleaned up the pup poop in the front yard in anticipation of having the two unruly crepe mytles cut down.  Fortunately I caught my neighbor to tell her what I was planning.  She was happy and wanted to complain about them, but I have as many or more problems with those two trees as she does.  I called one company that has a two tree discount.  I will call others.  Perhaps I can get it done this week.

I bought some flowers to plant between the fence and the sidewalk.  The San Augustine grass just won’t grow.  I still blame it on the fire from a few years ago.  I’ll put up some pictures tomorrow.


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