Thanksgiving: Better This Year

For one thing, there was no whining about when my brother and crew would show up.  They got there around 4, which is typical at this point.  The girls were initially sleepy, but they soon got into disputes over THE ONE BARBIE out of I don’t even know how many they have — which includes all of my barbies and my sister’s barbies — all of which have missing limbs and some heads at this point.

My stolen off the internet sweet potato casserole was a hit.  I was able to make gravy despite my mom turning the burner up to 11.  We all ate and my brother and sis-in-law were able to sneak off to Walgreens to buy a bed for the two kittens that they are “not sure” about letting the girls keep.

Then we had a fashion show.  Mom let the oldest two dress up in first my prom dress and then a bridesmaid dress I wore at a friend’s wedding back when I was oh so young.  The 8 year old needed safety pins to make the dresses smaller, the eleven year old needed the safety pins just to keep the dresses on her — we couldn’t zip them up.  Honestly, I couldn’t believe that she couldn’t wear something I did when I was 18.  I’ve given it some thought and perhaps I was way too skinny when I was 18 — I was 5’7″ and a little over 100 lbs.  She’s probably fine.

At one point, the middle one gave my mom a piece of candy saying, “Here, this is for you Granny.  Sorry, I licked it a little.”  I had to laugh at that and teased her about it.

The littlest one figured out how to make a miniature barbie(?) exercise ball make fart noises while she sat on it.  I video taped her doing it, and then she proudly showed her parents.

I bought my sis a computer tonight online.  My mom had approved of the original price while I was there at her house, but I bought a security agreement and with shipping and taxes, it came out to about $500.  I think it will be ok.   My sis has been laboring with a Windows 98 desktop for too long.  I can’t take it anymore.  It is worth it.

My sis-in-law gave me a heads up on books for the oldest two girls.  They’ve used the bookstore gift cards I gave them for their birthdays to buy some serial books, so I can follow up on them.  I love my sis-in-law.  She is a very good mom.  And not surprisingly, my brother has turned out to be a very good dad.

After my sister asked me for more than an hour if I was leaving already, I finally left.  The drive home was smooth — no traffic.  When set off for my mom’s this morning, I saw a woman struggling on the sidewalk next to the feeder.  I drove by her and then to my horror saw as she fell face first into the road in my rear-view mirror.  I circled back around — thinking I could at least stop the car with the hazard lights on and protect her.  It was a small circle that took less than a minute to make, but to my surprise and relief, an HPD officer was already there.  I hoped and hope that the woman is ok — when I told my mom and sis about it, they speculated with me that perhaps she was diabetic (not drunk).

It was a good day.


4 responses to “Thanksgiving: Better This Year

  1. I”m glad everything went well … no excitement here, just lots of food (too much, way too much), and lazy kittens etc. I’ll check in the morning about the movie rendezvous (we’re aiming to head out at a little after noon (12) just in case. See ya!

  2. What a fun movie! Made me a little nervous every time we went under the freeway though! I’ll probably try & swing by on Sunday but I’ll let ya know … hope you and the pups and the oks don’t work too hard in the yard!

    • It was pretty good. Formulaic in a way, but that’s to be expected. The best part was seeing the preview for “Holmes.” I’m already ready to buy the thing.

      It was a very good time.

      BTW — I have three very pooped pups here tonight. Yard work is HARD!

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