Is it Friday yet?

My god today seemed like Friday.  This week Friday is Wednesday.  But whatever.  One more day.

I gave my first class a practice final test.  They all did well and were quite happy leading into their next class (this would change later).

With my second class, I thought I would try something fun.  This group doesn’t get fun unless you strong arm them into it.  We are starting a unit on art and I set up one computer for them to take turns typing in their personal definitions of “what is art” although I had to stop some of them from just copying or wiki definitions.  The other part of their assignment was to find an example of art on the Internet — it could be anything.  While this took a little coaxing — in the end it paid off.  Each student got to show their choice, explain why s/he liked it and explain why that choice was art.  Then I passed out copies of the definition doc they had made and asked them to try to come up with a consensus.  It worked for the last three minutes, and then class was over.

My last class is writing.  Most of them are very good about being self-motivated.  I also used the time to point out who had and had not completed assignments.  Perhaps the slackers will catch up over the long weekend.  They are, for the most part, a very good class.

The afternoon was hellish.  I worked, but it was not pleasant.  One of my colleagues decided that he wanted to use me to bolster his critique of another colleague.  I don’t play that way.  When I told him that, he insisted that I know how he is; he just likes to argue about grammar.   I told him I knew nothing of the kind.  This surprised him.  I’ve been around long enough to know that students will try to break a teacher they perceive as weak and I will not participate in that.  I’ve had a senior teacher do that to me and it is not pleasant.  It hasn’t happened again — mostly because I raised a stink about and also because I have never ever done that to another teacher.   I take it so far as to make a point when I teach passive voice: once the students learn it, they are capable of using, “I was told” and leave me out of it.  It’s not like all grammar points are agreed upon by all grammar teachers.

The credit card thing is on PBS now.  I’m going to watch it and maybe post more.  I don’t know.

Is it Friday yet?


6 responses to “Is it Friday yet?

  1. Yes! it is Friday (and then Friday again tomorrow, and again the next day! Friday! Friday! Friday!) … I figured out what OC/DA stands for (said the dinosaur cheerfully!): “Optional caption / descriptive audio”. Meaning, for the deaf and blind audience members. I’m not sure how it works, but I’m guessing that it would only be available to those audience members who want it. I can’t imagine that a movie theater would risk a half or two-thirds or one-eighth empty theater. On the other hand, what with all the crawlers and the er, epidemic of multi-taskers among us, maybe the sighted and hearing-abled wouldn’t be distracted?

  2. Sorry, made a typical dinosaur mistake and got the phrase wrong: it is “open captioning” not what I said before.

  3. Another off-topic … have you heard about the Toyota recall for the gas pedal/driver floorpad thingee? Percy will be going in probably in January. Other models were mentioned but not Gigi’s, but we can double-check! More info soon! Oh, and Thandie Newton (2012) is one of my fave actresses, although I’ve only seen her in like 2 movies that I know of and one Brit Masterpiece theater type deal. She plays a Lady Macbeth-type character in “Chronicles of Riddick” (which you really really must see, naggity-naggity-nag!)

    • As far as the Toyota thingee goes — it’s for more expensive models than the YARIS from what I understand. And anyway, I think it is automatics not standards that have the problem. With my car, if it goes crazy, I just pop it out of gear and apply the emergency brake. No problem.

      I thought I had watched Chronicles of Riddick. But I can’t remember. So maybe not.

  4. Yes, 1:10 showing (arrival time in the ticket queue about 12:45, just in case there’s a horde!)

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