Emancipation Proclamation, Subjugation Proclamation, It’s all the Same, Right?

Periodic fat man and talk radio liar Chris Baker is at it again.  No, he’s not advocating shooting anyone this time, but he is trying to equate being fat with being black.

For all of the poor rubes in Houston who listen to his talk show fron 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon, he seems to be here physically, but he’s not.  He’s up in Minneapolis stinking up the morning air.  I’m still wondering when the local radio follower types will call him out on it.

But back to the point at hand.  Today (as he has for a while) Baker tried to equate health insurance legislation with slavery.  The example he used was if your kid were fat, then under the new law that doesn’t yet exist, you would get in trouble with the law.  Or something.

I have a solution to Baker’s listeners dilemma if they should come face to face with the guns of the law over their fat kid:  get liposuction.  Preferably on teevee.  Just like Chris Baker did back in the day.  Now, you must understand that it’s not a permanent solution.  Baker got fat again.

And, you know, being fat is just like being black.


2 responses to “Emancipation Proclamation, Subjugation Proclamation, It’s all the Same, Right?

  1. That’s nothing. I give KTLK (our conservative talk radio station here in Minnesota) a listen every now and then just to know what kind of orders Republicans are taking from the likes of Chris Baker, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbagh, etc.

    About fifteen minutes ago, Chris Baker said about the Copenhagen climate conference, and I quote, “It’s a communist coup. What’s next are the gas chambers.” Then something about “wholesale slaughter.”

    Hearing that prompted me to Google “Chris Baker crazy.” …And that’s how I found this blog.

    Never in my life have I encountered someone who got from point A to point B more creatively. Hope I never see him in Minneapolis- shouldn’t be too hard, since I don’t frequent the strip clubs.

    • I’m curious as to whether he gets any push back up there. His whole shtick works down here — more or less — but I just can’t see his anti-everything except what World Net Daily prints as going over very well anywhere else.

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