“At risk to my political future”

That’s what Kay Bailey Hutchison says in her ad for why she should be governor.  She’s staying in the Senate for now– a term for which she promised not to run in the first place — and risking her political career — at age 66.  (I remember when I was asked to evaluate another teacher at work and didn’t give her perfect marks — she didn’t earn them — and then she hauled me into the director’s office to complain that it would look bad on her resume — she was Hutchison’s same age.  It’s sad that they both had/have so little to hang onto.)

Things seem to be falling into place.  Hutchison stays in the Senate to keep Perry from appointing a successor (oh wait, to fight health insurance reform) and so Bill White can shift his ambiguous campaign online and elsewhere to the governor’s race.  Oh yeah, Bush’s friend up in For Worth bowed out.  I read earlier that one of my all time favorite lawmakers — Garnet Coleman — supported the Ft. Worth guy, but I forgive him.  No matter what a great guy he might be — there is no way Dems in Texas will elect someone associated in such an intimate way with W.

In my happy place — we get Annice Parker and Ron Green in to run the city; Bill White the run the state, along with Radnofsky at Attorney General, and while Hutchison may end up serving her term in the Senate — we will have someone to run for her seat successfully out of one of them.


One response to ““At risk to my political future”

  1. It would be interesting to know what folks outside of Texas make of the whole Kay Bailey H running-not-running-kinda-running thing. Here it just looks like she’ll do anything to mess things up for others (Perry or White), although I suspect if she has to choose between which one she’d rather go down in flames with it would be Perry, just because there’s no hate so deep and nasty as hate between Republicans (ain’t it great?). And actually, now that I think of it, folks outside of Texas probably do the same thing we do when some pol we never heard of before from Nebraska or Oregon or Vermont shows up on tv. It’s hard to avoid camera-hog Cornyn, but his calling in life is to be seen and hopefully not listened to, otherwise people might figure out he’s a column of hot air disguised as a man in a suit.

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