Fighting Cats, Dog Pack, Fighting Cats, AGAIN

After a tranquil afternoon working in the backyard with sleepy Junebug and Harry lazily watching me, this evening was a nightmare.

It started with Tammy and Murphy going nuts in the front yard.  I knew it was nothing serious by Tammy’s yippy bark.  Inside, Dora went bezerk.  I went outside and found Braveheart and a black and white cat hissing at each other across the driveway from the pups.   They both ran up the neighbor’s driveway at the sight of me, and while I tried to call Braveheart back home, I couldn’t get him to come.  When I came back up our driveway, June and Harry were there — swimming and rolling around together.  I figured if Junebug wasn’t afraid, then everything was ok.

(June has this pseudo-polyandry thing going — each of the boys — Braveheart, Sad Grey & White Kitty, and Harry all love her, but they only tolerate each other.)

After settling Dora down and having about 20 minutes of peace and quiet, Tammy and Murphy started up again, but this time it was angry.  At that point Dora cranked up the decibels exponentially. I looked out the side door and saw two dogs in the street.  I went around to the front yard with the pups and saw as many as eight dogs coming down the street.  I yelled at them and then whistled very loudly at them.  That chased them down the street.  After running a reluctant Dora into the bedroom, I checked the driveway and backyard, and thankfully there were no kittens in sight.  I returned to the front yard and waited for a while to see if the pack might come back.  They didn’t.  Dora was still barking.

Another brief calm ensued but didn’t last long.  Tammy started up her yippy bark joined by Murphy, and I was back out in the driveway, only to find Sad Grey & White Kitty hissing at the same black and white cat.  Luckily, this time I was able to chase the former back toward the house and the later away across the street.  All the while, Dora was probably barking loud enough to break the law.

By this time, I’d had it.  I put the pups in one bedroom and Dora in the other with the lights off and closed the doors.  BEDTIME FOR PUPS.  ASPIRIN TIME FOR MOM.


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