I have a plan!!!!!

It’s taken me long enough, but I now have a plan for the front yard, back yard and house.

Now it’s just a matter of materials and scheduling.

I’ve decided to nix the St. Augustine left in the front yard and go for morning glories on one side and wisteria on the other.  I’m thinking of cementing the street side of the ditch and planting Mexican Heather on the sidewalk side.  The front yard will get the most native ground cover I can find, and mulch will replace the raw dirt.

In the back yard, I will prepare it for raised beds for vegetables.  Cinder blocks for the first level and then cedar for the rest.  I want to get the garage area opened up and make it a place for coffee in the morning and grilling in the afternoon.

Inside, I want to get the columns installed and the living room painted.  Then on to fixing the cracks from the leveling and eventually remodeling the bathroom.


And posted without one single stolen picture.  (I find that right wingers tend to think it is ok to steal the work of others.  They have no idea of the value of work or talent.)


7 responses to “I have a plan!!!!!

  1. This sounds like an excellent plan! And the raised garden sounds especially cool! Have you run it past Junie and the boys?

  2. Not yet, but I think Harry would especially like it — something new to explore and smell.

    It’s like I have been struggling with what to do with the house and yards for a while now and something just clicked this weekend.

    I think one thing that helped was the success of the plants and mulch that we did along the driveway. They are thriving. And the resilience of the Mexican Heather.

  3. Would you mind removing the link from this post to my blog? thank you

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