Wingnutty-good, along with some fem on fem rants

Well it looks like both Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney will be in the Lone Star state next week.  Palin will be selling her book to people at Fort Hood (and perhaps appear with Rick Perry?), and Cheney will be stumping raising money for Kay Baily Hutchison.  (I’ll have to think of something to do to counter-act all that bad karma in one week.)

And speaking of Hutchison, why does everyone (Natalie Arceneaoux) relentlessly call her by her first name?  Is it because of Hillary?  And does anyone know whether or not it has been a bad idea for Bill White to show up in ads on every website I visit because NOW Hutchison says she will stay in her seat (that she promised not to run for and we should have Barb Radnovsky in at this point)?

I know it’s already old news, but I have always said that women are women’s worst enemies.  If you think men have been keeping a sister down, you have no idea.  Sure, men do their part, but there is nothing compared to the weight given to a woman’s complaint about another woman.  And there is no one who can cut down a woman more effectively than another woman — what I would call playing to the other side — but hey, if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.  (And that sentiment goes for everything in life — financial stuff, business, work, everything.  Prove me wrong if you disagree.  Humans have no shame.)

Back to my point.  Palin says she gave Couric the crazy interview ahe did because she wanted to boost Couric’s self-esteem.  Hutchison is playing to stereotype.

This all exasperates me.

Then there is Annice Parker.  She has a family.  She has been elected 6 times in Houston elections.  She doesn’t hide who she is.  She looked like she wouldn’t get very much support in the mayoral election.  She didn’t have as much money as other candidates.  She’s not part of the Lanier people.

Today — well it’s been there since the wingnuts have been trashing (Edd Hendee called him a jackass — on the CHRISTIAN AIRWAVES REPEATEDLY)  their nominal candidate, Roy Morales, the day after the election.  Dan Patrick and Paul Bettencourt (aka quitter) are teaming up with the religious wingnuts to whip up the AMERICAN TALIBAN to defeat Parker — not because of her views or policies or past record — she is a LESBIAN. It’s also not because they want any black people in their party.  It’s just all they are left with and when choosing between bad choices, well a black man — who supports giving same sex benefits to city employees — is better than the gays taking over.  It’s just another variation of what has always gone on here in Houston.  Divide and conquer!  Except this time the AMERICAN TALIBAN are playing catch-up.

It might be time for me to do something about this.  I’m not a joiner type of person, but this might be the line for me.  I’ll think about it and decide tomorrow.

Added later — Oprah does the same thing.  The teasers about her interview with Palin include “everybody wants to know about Levi.”  Bitch.  Didn’t she launch that doctor show that pushed Jeopardy to late night?  Bitch.


One response to “Wingnutty-good, along with some fem on fem rants

  1. Palin Palin Palin …. I wish Fox would just give her a half-hour slot and be done with it … only they probably won’t because she doesn’t seem very dependable, does she? … They could always have Tina Fey on stand-by for when the rogue pulls a no-show or a storm-off …
    Rudy Giuliani was a fright this morning … after Hills, he was totally laughable … (9/11 9/11 9/11) ….
    btw, AND completely off-topic, snagged you a cool (and geeky) tee-shirt from the AirHouston website dealy-do yesterday … U of H was really peaceful and beautiful yesterday afternoon and the weather was perfect for sitting and letting my brain take a total nap … a few of the competitors in the website thing tried to talk to me but! i couldn’t understand them! they were like Data from ST:NG in krazy hyperdrive!! … functionality! footprint! “skinning the wires”!?! w-t-f ….

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